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  1. Biggest tire size?

    There are so many threads on this topic. Your answer is already here somewhere whether it be stock height, level kit or lift. It's all here, you just have to do some searching and reading.
  2. What's wrong with this truck? Price can NOT be correct!

    I'm gonna go ahead and say it's the good ole bait and switch. Not switch on the vehicle, but they won't honor the advertised price. Dealerships are shady! OTD is all that matters!
  3. Everything I do, I do with a hint of failure :(

    This is the very reason I don't ever attempt to fix or tackle a job that has anything to do with electricity! Everything else can usually be fixed no matter how bad I mess up.
  4. 3 1/2 l" leveling kit!

    Upper Control Arms, which the picture you posted shows them as included. A local dealer put that kit on one of their inventory trucks, upgraded to a +20 offset wheel with Falken Wildpeaks and still had to trim the crash bars on the rear. They changed out the front bumper though so can't say if...
  5. Blur license plate?

    That's just a very little bit of the info. I could reveal. Go to a site called and put your info into a search. People will know your mom, dad, aunts uncles, brothers sisters, phone numbers, email in a lot of cases. So let me tell you how turds are using the information by...
  6. Blur license plate?

    William the New Years much do you want me to reveal?
  7. Texas WTS: OEM 17" Magnetic Wheels with lugs and Bridgestone tires (only 1850 miles)

    Just a little over 2 hours per google maps. I won't turn down any reasonable offers. $100 per wheel for OEM wheels with low miles is a pretty good deal. Lug nuts are included too. :like:
  8. Texas WTS: OEM 17" Magnetic Wheels with lugs and Bridgestone tires (only 1850 miles)

    They're still available and just taking up garage space. Only 1850 miles on them. I used the TPMS for my new wheels/tires, so they're without.
  9. Lets see those Cab window decals!!

    I don’t usually do stickers but decided on this one. A company named Cloud Defensive gets my support!
  10. Snowmageddon in Texas

    Meh, we're back up to mid 50's today, mid 40's for the low tonight and mid 60's for highs the next 4 days. Back to real life in Texas..........for February at least!
  11. Snowmageddon in Texas

    And scorpions, I hate scorpions and the sneaky and stingy little bastards they are!
  12. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    the downside to working for an SO vs City, at least in Texas, is that a deputy is basically an at will employee. Can be fired or lose their job with a simple change of the sheriff. Where is the majority of city departments have protection from civil service and even a contract with the city...
  13. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    Not bothered by him at all. Have heard people say things and never really asked anyone why. Was genuinely curious, that’s all.
  14. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    Got calls? We take about 1800 calls per day as a department. About 15-25 calls per Officer per day. Short staffed? Our city council cut our budget by 150 Million this past summer, so many people quit or retired and positions aren't being filled with new cadets. No new cadet classes for at...
  15. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    I'm not trying to get a rise. How close was I? I've been a city cop for 21 years. Started in a podunk city for 2.5 years, then moved on to a top 10 largest city about 19 years ago.
  16. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    Just curious, what department do you work for? You seem all chippy and shit. I'd say you are a deputy of a podunk county where you take about 5 calls a day and say you're busy and you're a "veteran" with around 10 or so years in the department.
  17. Snowmageddon in Texas

    No doubt. I drove to Lake Havasu, AZ from Austin back in the day and felt like Texas was half the trip!
  18. Snowmageddon in Texas

    We got our water back this morning, but have to boil it until further notice. It appears I didn't lose any internal lines, but my sprinkler system back flow is cracked. I wasn't in town to turn it off and drain it. Neighbors down the street are stuck in Utah, but have another neighbor...
  19. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    I never understood why some people are bothered by others that do that kind of thing. You seem bothered by that since you brought it up, why is that? Not your car/truck, why do you care enough to notice?
  20. Snowmageddon in Texas

    We’re finally thawing out around here.