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  1. Having a hard time ordering 2021

    The first 500-600 would be for a vehicle built in a plant that had a complete retool. The ranger line was retooled prior to the ‘19 model year. Any work being done between model years now will be strictly for maintenance. When a plant is retooled the time frame is short. The subcontractors who...
  2. Having a hard time ordering 2021

    Just start dealing with the sales manager. They are more concerned with the actual dealership than chasing commissions. Start there. Still can’t understand why its so hard to purchase and have a vehicle serviced. Thought that would be figured out by now.
  3. Ford warranty plan. Interesting read.

    In my field we have safety related/non safety related or code/non code parts. Difference generally nothing other than paper trail/price. Ive been involved in ripping out millions of dollars of equipment and man hours because someone in a office halfway around the world made a math error with a...
  4. Ford warranty plan. Interesting read.

    Suppliers build what Ford specs. If Ford tries to save .0005 cents per vehicle by say using a thinner or cheaper material and it breaks its not really the suppliers fault. Ford only cares about Ford. Gm, Or anyone else it doesn’t matter. In my industry many of our problems warranty wise are not...
  5. Ford warranty plan. Interesting read. Interesting read. Could be disastrous for suppliers with thin profit margins. But Ford has never really cared for who they put out of business.
  6. Cleaning brown off of tires

    I have tried all the usual cleaning methods for the hankooks. Usually I hit the tire and wheels with p&s iron remover. Scrub them and follow up with a tire dressing. The hankooks don’t stay clean no matter what. Dingy and stained looking a day after cleaning them.
  7. Deleting Ford pass app?

    I have tried everything from restarting phone, deleting and re installing app. Cellular data for app is turned off along with siri, movement and every other electronic switch on my phone. Im glad I bought a Lariat where I can start my truck line of sight with keyfob but would like to start it...
  8. Deleting Ford pass app?

    Ok after last Iphone update the Ford pass app has been running in background with everything shut off. Location, siri absolutely everything I can shut off on my phone. App would be nice to have when it gets really cold here to start truck but my phone is overheating and battery is getting...
  9. Are later years more reliable? 2021 vs 2020

    Having worked retools on a few Ford and GM assembly plants the only vehicles I would be apprehensive about buying are the first 5-600 produced. They are not built at the assembly plant by UAW employees. They are built by the subcontractor that designs and builds the assembly lines off site. The...
  10. How much fuel should fit in the tank?

    Its hidden in the doc fee or the dealer prep fee. Ive gotten up and walked out from buying a vehicle because of that. Still don’t understand how buying a vehicle isn’t a set price. Other than the lobbying by dealers to prevent that.
  11. Why no diesel Ranger in the US?

    Probably a couple reasons. One its a limited market in US. Plus making emissions and crash testing would not make it profitable to Ford. Diesel in Europe is taxed differently than gasoline and every station I have seen in Germany has diesel. Here its hit or miss. Plus now in US with the low...
  12. Ford goes color blind

    Ford does special paint runs for fleet customers. Have worked for several companies that have their own paint code for f-150,250,350 and medium duty trucks they order from Ford. You can do the same but I bet minimum order is probably several hundred trucks a year. Worked for one shop that...
  13. New ROW Ranger/Everest

    Too bad the transmissions were complete crap.
  14. My auto stop stopped working....automatically !

    Doesn’t rear defrost also disable the auto stop.
  15. Fuel stabilizer

    Late 90’s fuel was wrecking havoc on motorcycle engines with the added ethanol. Buddy of mine raced Yamaha’s and worked at a dealership. They had a TSB that fuel as little as a month old could be suspect for ignition problems or rough idle. Yamaha recommended dumping fuel and putting in fresh. I...
  16. LOW TIRE!

    I had to delete my ford pass app from phone. Was killing the battery in my iphone in a matter of hours. App runs continuously in the background. Hope they fix the app before winter. Part of the reason I bought the truck I did was so I can start it from phone.
  17. Which Running boards / side steps

    I have go rhino dss sliders. Originally ordered them from running board warehouse. It was a ****show. Said they would ship on a tuesday. Got email it would be another week. After a month called to see whats up they hemmed and hawed about giving an answer. Took another month to get credit card...
  18. Cup holder

    Got beat with one of those when I was in high school. The sight of one makes me flinch.