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  1. Aftermarket Projector Headlights?

    Has anyone seen a side by side comparison of beam patterns? We probably won't until someone buys them and installs. I quess someone will be the guinea pig and give us before and after shots. I can also see someone buying the Pros and sticking in some LEDs with ridiculous lumen output and...
  2. FORScan Crowdsourced Wiki

    Replying to wrong poster. @E Monty is the one who doesn't like hitting the button. I agree why does he want to disabling traction control all the time.
  3. Aftermarket Extendable Tow Mirrors

    There have been people who have done this. They do physically fit but the wiring is different. None of them have BLIS. Some one contacted them and they said no plans for US spec Ranger, not enough demand.
  4. Aftermarket Projector Headlights?

    To each his own, but I hope there is a way to disable the sequence. I think it's just stupid, and what is the headlight flicker on starting going to do to it. Might give someone an attack.
  5. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    When I first got mine just walking across the floor drove me nuts. Just give it time, you'll get use to and tune out the crazy background noise you couldn't hear before. The wife doesn't go away though. 😁
  6. Shifter staying in sport mode

    At one time being able to go from D to N was considered a safety thing. Being able to quickly slap the lever into neutral helped when needing to stop quickly in slippery conditions by disengaging the drive wheels. Of course that was before anti-lock brakes and all the other electronics.
  7. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Understood, at the wheel well it better be over 30". Still sounds high even for a factory hitch. Shocks will not lower a truck unless something is wrong. Most others are seeing a slight gain. Many of us would love an easy way to lower the back 2", but this ain't it.
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    No way just changing shocks is going to lower the truck 2". Not unless they are too short. Got to be off on the before measurement. 21-3/4" Sounds awful high anyway.
  9. Need your opinion on tailgate letter colors

    I've got a lightning blue FX4 with sport trim. Added magnetic letters to the tailgate and blue letters to the grill. Think black would be too must contrast on tailgate, not enough on grill.
  10. Valet Key???????? Is this really, not a thing anymore?

    Remember with Fordpass you need to have data service on your phone and your truck needs to be able to access an AT&T data connection. It is not a direct connection between your phone and your truck. If you have bad cell service with either carrier in your area your out of luck.
  11. PROCAL 4 Gauges

    Yes you can, but what fun is that?
  12. FORScan Modifications

    Not on US Rangers. We don't have door modules. Need to buy a after market module for this to work. A couple threads on it. Do a search.
  13. Aftermarket Projector Headlights?

    Easy fix in Forscan.
  14. Led Headlight bulbs

    I would be careful about them fitting our US Rangers. They say 16-20 Ford Ranger. May be for ROW Rangers. Lot of threads about trying to fit ROW Ranger headlights in our trucks. [EDIT] Checked web site, they do specify US trucks only. Look like they need to proofread their info better.
  15. Key fob cover to protect panic button

    Yup, ODB2 reader and a Windows laptop.
  16. 2.5 level kit suspension noise?!?!?

    Cold spell? I woke up to -11 this morning with a -25 windcill. Looking for a high of 3 today.
  17. What octane fuel/petrol do you use?

    Like has been said a lot of factors go into justifying anything we do. A mod such as a tune or the big mouth are one time cost. So justifying it over time is easy. The cost differential of gas is an ongoing cost so it needs to be immediately justifiable. That's why a 30 to 40 percent increase in...
  18. Engine Misfire

    Not to go off topic,but there is another thread on stumbling on hard acceleration. It seems what they found is condensation in the intercooler. On hard acceleration the moisture gets pulled into the intake and causes misfire. Seems like it came from the F150 forum. Fix has been to drill a small...
  19. Cold weather really kills mileage

    Yeah it's interesting they bring up tire pressure too. It's something I was just thinking about with mine. I run mine a little lower for ride comfort but extreme cold really drops them lower. Just need to reduce them again once it warms up. I wonder what difference 2-3 psi makes?
  20. What octane fuel/petrol do you use?

    I was talking about a 30 to 40 percent cost per gallon difference for a 10 percent gain in mileage. Nothing to do with a tune. A tune is a one time cost and a personal choice.