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  1. The Ranger, car reviews and journalists rant

    Dudes right though. Auto reviewers suck - especially the YouTube flavor.
  2. Roof Racks

    What bed canopy is that?
  3. Roof Racks

    Here's a pic of the LocknLoad platform on a truck roof... I just wish this thing had roof rails preinstalled. Im not a huge fan of the clamps that bolt to the frame. The cost of buying and installing the euro rails seems pretty high.... drilling holes in my roof is sort of where I stand...
  4. Roof Racks

    Ive been trying to figure out the same thing. I think Im going to get the Yakima crossbars and attachments as well as a yakima platform
  5. 20 hour brisket I just made...

    Look. This thing came out pretty freaking good and I just have to share it with some people. I gave some to the neighbors. I'm gonna give you guys a couple pictures.
  6. Snowmageddon in Texas

    I think there was recently a 2 billion dollar plan in place to connect the Texas grid, and the US Eastern and Western grids all together with a sort of "super hub" that would allow the various grids to buy and sell capacity to each other. Not sure what happened to that, or if it's still in the...
  7. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    Ford would be wise to keep the Ranger and F150 looking completely different. Im not a huge fan of the current F150 design language at all.
  8. Replacement tie downs?

    Alright - so Ford charges like $70 for replacement tie downs? For real? Where can I get some replacements for the proper $7? Ive searched around and cant figure out exactly what will fit.
  9. 15" of Snow vs '19 Ranger, Who Wins?

    68? It was 89 here!
  10. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    Ya'll. Its called inflation - and we're going to get our butts handed to us over the next 5-10 years because of it. The monetary policy of the past 15 years of running the fed printers at full tilt and holding interest rates artificially low eventually has this result. It doesnt appear anyone...
  11. Anyone ever use Track Armour tape before hitting trails?

    So we've got some pretty narrow forest roads with tons of branches and saw palmettos whipping around - and I've already put a few fine scratches down the side of the truck (thankfully easy to fix). Does anyone use this stuff...
  12. Fuel in oil

    Has anyone experienced any adverse effects from this? I mean, have any failures or check lights or error codes or anything happened as result of the fuel in the oil?
  13. Ranger Easter egg?

    There’s one on the tail lights.
  14. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Spent the day out in the middle of nowhere taking pictures. It was nice.
  15. Okaloacoochee

    thanks very much. Florida is great during the winter. Summer..... I question my own sanity living here.
  16. Okaloacoochee

    I grew up spending all sorts of time in Ocala. Freaking incredible stuff to be found in that forest for sure.
  17. Okaloacoochee

    I came form the east, but you just hit Keri road off 29 and there are multiple access points for okaloacoochee and Spirit of the Wild. Spirit of the wild is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Theres camping available at okaloacoochee though.
  18. Okaloacoochee

    Headed out to find some stuff to take pictures out in the Okaloacoochee Slough today. Water is still super high so not much hiking to be found, but we did cross some 2.5-3 ft water which was interesting.