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  1. 2020 FX4 unknown sound/problem

    I had to double check that was your video and not some strange noise coming from outside.
  2. January 2021 Ford Ranger Sales Increase 4.8%, Best Retail Start Since 2005

    I think Ranger sales will continue to increase as they are more and more in the public eye. I was looking at a Tacoma for probably 5-6 months. I fooled around with some of the other midsize trucks but nothing serious. I never even considered a Ford Ranger because I hardly saw/heard of them...
  3. How is this deal on a 2020 Lariat?

    Sounds good to me as well. Prices also very dependent on where you are located. Not much, but maybe by a grand or two. I’m in Texas, so any pickup is always a bit higher. I grew up in northern Virginia and you saw pickups, but not like in Texas!
  4. Is this a good price 2020 ranger xlt

    I’d take it. Down here in Texas I’d say it’s around that price for that entire package. Not many 2020s with 4wd left from what I’ve seen.
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Put on the blue FX4 emblem to replace the stock red one. Unlike a lot of people, I actually like the Fx4 on the truck. I’m just more of a blue guy. My dad even liked it so much, he ordered one for his F150 the same day! EDIT: Also put in LEDs in the license plate lights. All in all, took less...
  6. SE Texas

    Looking to get Bilstein 5100s on all corners soon and then get them installed at a shop. Anyone have and recommendations on a good shop to do this, + and alignment in/around Houston? Also, keep seeing a blue ranger sport in the heights area. Saw it at a Kroger this past week. Is that any of you?
  7. Tremor rear tow hooks In this video they briefly show the tow hooks. Not a great view but at least an idea.
  8. Bilstein 5100...Love it

    Hi all, I am looking into purchasing the Bilstein 5100 set for all 4 corners from Stage 3. I just want to make sure I do this right as this is the first truck I am ever doing any real mods to. If I purchase this set -...
  9. SE Texas

    Hey all, Hit a small portion of the Cheeseburger loop this past weekend when I was up at Lake Conroe. I enjoyed it! Didn't have the time to do the whole thing, but it was fun finally getting my Ranger off paved roads and getting it a little muddy!
  10. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Went to Lake Conroe for the extended weekend. Decided to hit the Sam Houston National Forest and hit some trails! Ranger handled extremely well. Very impressed.
  11. Veterans only thread.

    I was wondering when/if a thread like this existed! 3 years in the Army, 11B. Got out as a Corporal back in 2017. Glad to be over with Vet's in the Ranger club!
  12. SE Texas

    Hey all, Any one know of any good trails to hit in/around the Houston area? Not looking for any major off roading, maybe just a good trail that I can get the truck on.
  13. SE Texas

    Hey all, just bought mine 3 weeks ago. Working remote so haven’t been on the road too much. White Fx4 XLT. Down in the heights area. Bought a gator Tonneau for a little over 200 last week. Easy install and I love it. Definitely recommend! Still haven’t gotten my real plates yet which is driving...
  14. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Where did you get the overlays?
  15. FordPass Rewards - Accessories

    Yeah, it seems like from what I have read it can sometimes be a complicated process.
  16. FordPass Rewards - Accessories

    Hey guys! New to my Ranger and new to Ford in general. Pretty simple question, how do I go about using my Fordpass points to buy accessories? Can someone explain the process? Can I just do it through the Ford website? Do I need to go into my dealership? I just really have no clue how to use it...
  17. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    I guess I posted this in another thread, but why cant I post it to the newcomers one!? I spent a long time looking at trucks. After I got out of the military, I bought a used Silverado as my first truck. I soon realized it was a bad idea and it was quickly costing me more and more money. The...
  18. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    My bad! Almost forgot! Just picked it up saturday! Been raining since so havent been able to play with it too much yet.
  19. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    I just purchased my 2020 Ranger XLT 4WD FX4 for a little over 32k. Thats not counting taxes, down payment, etc. Was formally the showroom vehicle and had been driven around a bit so it had 700 miles on it. But it came with a sprayed in bed as well.