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  1. Life After Covid-19

    Lol The laugh is all around you
  2. Life After Covid-19

    Not to hijack the post, but i see this as the pin that pricked the economic bubble we were in globally .. i expect financial systems crashing more, fiat dead, hyperinflation to its fullest, and digital currency as the currency of the future . I’ve been on the bitcoin wave for a few years now...
  3. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Mounted CB/PA speaker on the dual ditch bracket set up
  4. Amateur Radio/Antenna Installations

    PA speaker mounted on the dual ditch bracket beautifully with a little adjustment!
  5. Floppy leather seat final

    I had the exact same experience , Had a tear in my leather replaced and a similar conversation with the owner of the shop about heat/leather sag. Thank you for your share
  6. Stubborn scratch removal

    Hard to see, But when i was sanding my ditch bracket the bottom of the sponge got my hood a few times Stupid on my part Just gave her a birth mark lol Is there a quick fix for scratch removal or buffing? Any home remedy or something i can pick up at advanced auto or something that’s proven ?
  7. Plant Shutting Down Temporarily!

    Ford is working with GE to help produce ventilators, GM and Tesla are doing the same We haven’t seen this since since the war effort in the 40’s when they shut down production to make weapons
  8. Trigger control install, please check my work

    I only ran it to the fuse box so it would turn on with marker lights without any splicing or cutting The trigger should take care of the rest as stated above
  9. Trigger control install, please check my work

    LOL she’s still runnin
  10. Amateur Radio/Antenna Installations

    The uniden off-road i bought was chinsey and i sent it back to amazon for this 980SSB, Not too big but has some awesome features , I used a magnet to mount it passenger side. If it gets in the way down the road I’ll move it by it works perfectly here for now
  11. Amateur Radio/Antenna Installations

    Thanks Jon , I moved the strap to under the hood to a bolt on the mounting bracket , Sanded off the powder coat , works like a charm ! Running 1.10 on most channels When i put the red rubber cap on it shoots up to over 2 so i just took it off for the time being
  12. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Magnet mounted Shown ruger mark IV 22/45 tactical I couldn’t bring myself to drill into my truck So my buddy called me a bitch, pushed me aside and did it for me Thank god for good friends
  13. CB radio grounding issue help!

    Magnet mounted and installed With accessory lol
  14. CB radio grounding issue help!

    4” fire stick w spring , it’s holding up bc i put crappy lights on they aren’t too heavy and just the one set (love those rigid though!) I may take the spring off bc she bends something fierce when I’m on the highway.. I’m going to put an external PA on the left bracket and have some fun with...
  15. CB radio grounding issue help!

    Sanded off the powder coat Worked like a charm One week of troubleshooting only to find the easiest solution Getting 1-1.5 SWR all channels and i haven’t even tuned it yet , Thank you for your help !
  16. CB radio grounding issue help!

    Ah “Ground down” contact i bet means you also removed the coat Makes perfect sense now Sorry for the Confusion I really hope this works
  17. CB radio grounding issue help!

    Ok i understand , I watched a few videos that helped me, And the upper half with double coupling nut positive and below the mount is grounded , My tests show the upper half with continuity also so that is a big problem ! 2 things , i think i need to move the ground to under the bracket where you...
  18. CB radio grounding issue help!

    Looks similar , i don’t see grounding cable ? Did you attach the grounding cable to the bolts under hood that hold bracket and then run to body ground?
  19. CB radio grounding issue help!

    New unit arrived and it didn’t work.. Took it to an auto electronic shop and he said the antenna has center and outside running well with no grounding issues , He suggested a new base unit that the units may all be faulty (uniden cx760 off-road) I don’t know what to do at this point and I’m very...