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  1. It’s a Boy !

    Congratulations....Grandpa! 😁
  2. Life After Covid-19

    I can see this happening especially in the more infected parts. I remember when we were younger and my buddies car broke down the tow truck driver wouldn't let us sit in the towed car. I think he said it was something to do with the insurance/liability issue.
  3. OEM 2019+ Ranger Tailgate Damper Part# VKB3Z-99406A10-A by DeeZee DZ43206

    Unfortunately you can't use your FP points for online purchases. You'll have to go to your dealer and they'll be able to place your order and apply your points towards it.
  4. Life After Covid-19

    It's not really a failure of the for profit capitalistic health care industry. It's simply stating that because the hospitals can not do elective surgeries now that there's not a lot of money coming in. Also something else I thought of was now there are so many either working from home or...
  5. Fuel stabilizer

    It's probably a good idea to since you're just going to let it sit for another month and possibly longer. I've always used Stabil fuel stabilizer in everything from pressurewashers,lawnmowers,snowblowers and motorcycles. I've never had a problem starting them up or any varnish or gum build up...
  6. So I went to our Honda Dealer today.......

    Lol...Japanese El Camino :LOL: BTW I had an El Camino back in the late 80's. Most useless vehicle I've ever owned! If you're only hauling light stuff once in a while buy a car and just rent a truck from Home Depot or Uhaul. This way you'll have something more comfortable and better gas mileage.
  7. Life After Covid-19

    Didn't really think about this one. During a Pandemic, an Unanticipated Problem: Out-of-Work Health Workers
  8. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Damn,I haven't seen prices like that since the early 80's. lol You're right it's going to be bad. Not that I liked paying $2.99/gal but I'd much rather that and be working with a great economy than this.
  9. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    Sometimes you still make out better taking the 0% than the rebates. When I bought mine last July I took the 0% for 60 months and only lost a $500.00 rebate. If I had taken the rebate and went with the 1.9% I would've paid $1,250.00 in interest. So even losing the rebate I still made out over...
  10. "There Are Basically No Sales"

    You could also try doing a dealer search outside your area to see what their inventory is in May. It might be worth going say 500-600 miles (or more) if you can get a smoking deal. Also different regions offer different incentives so they might have better factory rebates than your region does...
  11. "There Are Basically No Sales"

    If you're not in a rush I would wait a little longer. I think things are going to get worse if we're "locked down" another month and dealers will be willing to negotiate even more. The 0% financing won't be going away anytime soon and Ford (along with all the others) might offer bigger discounts...
  12. What Features SHOULD your Ranger Have but Ford Missed?

    Already a thread on this
  13. So I went to our Honda Dealer today.......

    I love Honda cars but personally don't care for the Ridgeline. I know they ride nice and all but I want a truck to ride like a truck and I don't care for the unibody. I need 4wd for the places we go shooting and still enjoy off roading several times a year. Sounds like it would be a good truck...
  14. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Wow,$1.09 is cheap! I though I hit the lottery when I found it at Sams club for $1.95,most other stations are still around $2.47 here. We use to do that all the time when we were younger and gas was cheap. Living in W MA we would take the back roads up into VT through many different little...
  15. Beautiful Pictures

    The Alpine Loop was only partial open because there was still so much snow on the ground,amazing as it was July when we were there! They had to cut most of the trails out with loaders and there were still a lot of areas closed due to avalanches knocking over a lot of trees. We still had a great...
  16. Why is my Icon being posted over multiple threads?

    If you hover your cursor over yours it will also tell you how many posts you have in that particular thread.
  17. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Hi Phil, Yes the weathers been great here with 80's in the day and mid 50's at night. Enjoying coffee on the back patio in the mornings and a nice nap in my swing chair in the afternoon. Just perfecting my Social Distancing. lol 😷 Dave
  18. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Yes we did that trip in Nov 2018. Tombstone is a really cool old western town and they do re-enactments of the gunfight at the OK Corral. In Bisbee we did a tour of the old mining shaft where they take you on a train into the tunnel and show you how they extracted to copper. The best part of the...
  19. Beautiful Pictures

    Wasn't sure what was living in there and didn't want to find out either. lol :surprised:
  20. Beautiful Pictures

    Great shots! We were up in Silverton last July 4th and rented a side x side for the day. Some cool old abandon mining areas out there and breathtaking scenery! I didn't have my Ranger then but hoping to get back there soon with it.