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  1. Fuel stabilizer

    Sitting for a month or two isn't going to make the fuel degrade enough to matter. That being said, a bottle of Stabil isn't that expensive, so if you're at all concerned still it wouldn't be that big of a deal to add some to your tank.
  2. Survey: Options for mounting QuickFist clamps in the bed

    I think it would stick pretty well to the bare fiberglass, but not sure about the bedliner. It's worth a shot for sure. Might give it a try with mounting something low on the wall that can be banged around. That way if it breaks lose it won't have far to fall and it can stand to roll around for...
  3. Survey: Options for mounting QuickFist clamps in the bed

    These types of clamps are what I've been considering for mounting things in my bed as well. Though I was wondering if some VHB tape would be good enough to hold something like that. Since, as mentioned before, drilling into the bed, or even the topper, wouldn't be ideal. I do have bare...
  4. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Pretty much the same. So far once a week I've had at least one errand that needed the truck, so a little bit of driving, but only into town and back so not many miles. I'm waiting for the day I can get out and drive more again.
  5. Report your MPG

    Fuelly gives that data on the webpage. So you can still view it, just not easily on an Android phone.
  6. You know you spend to much time on Ranger5g when you get this.

    Working from home and our 3 have definitely gotten spoiled with the all day attention. The minute I'm done with work, complete my commute of walking across the living room and sit on the couch, they swarm and settle in. haha
  7. Led Headlight bulbs

    I'd been looking at these ones as well. I'll be interested to hear what your thoughts, and the thoughts of those heading towards you on the road (i.e. if you get flashed a lot or whatever), are after a while of use.
  8. Got a Canopy for my Ranger.

    Another Saber with a topper, nice! Really makes me want mine even more! Ordered a Leer a little over 6 weeks ago, hopefully it'll be here soon. Until then I'll just stare at yours in envy.
  9. 4x4 Low starts off in 2nd gear?

    I would agree for the most part, though I would almost put SUVs in the truck category as well, since in my mind a true SUV is body on frame and is by definition a "utility vehicle". Anything that isn't falls into the crossover category in my mind. Though that does start to fall apart with all...
  10. 4x4 Low starts off in 2nd gear?

    Depends on your definition of "truck". I just added my wife's new Escape to our insurance and it is under "Ford Trucks" as the company. So if you go by that, then they're right to call it a truck. Realistically you can call anything anything you want, and someone will say you're wrong.
  11. Leer 100R hit by covid-19

    I'm not sure who is to blame for the lack of communication I've been dealing with. Seems like either Leer isn't communicating with the dealer properly or my dealer is just that incompetent. Hopefully mine comes soon and I can just not have to deal with them anymore.
  12. Place for Photography

    Did you drive up there or fly? Alaska is definitely on my list of places to go (though that list gets bigger and bigger everyday haha). We could fly, but I'm one of those people who likes having all my stuff with me and the comforts of my own vehicle. But that would take 5 days just to get...
  13. Leer 100R hit by covid-19

    So I called my topper dealer on Friday, since it had been 6 weeks at that point (quoted 3-5 weeks), to see what the hold up was. Apparently my topper was delivered, but was incorrect. Not sure in what way it was incorrect, but they had to reject delivery of it because of it. He did say they were...
  14. New Ford

    Same exact thing for us this week! Wife has been wanting to trade up from her 2008 Corolla with crank windows, no cruise, and a manual. She's been interested in the Escape for a few months, and with all the deals/rebates and low interest rates it made this a pretty good time to take the plunge...
  15. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    10 months and 19,540 miles. Unfortunately it hasn't moved in over a week with me working from home and no other reason to leave the house. But every time I have to go out to the garage I see it and smile.
  16. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    We did almost the same thing! Just in the opposite order and a bit longer apart. haha I got my Ranger back in May of last year. But we just went out and bought my wife a new 2020 Escape Hybrid last night! She's been looking at one for a few months, and with all the deals and rebates and the low...
  17. Another Hypothetical 'Will it Tow' Question

    It certainly depends on the size of the trailer and the speed of the roads you take on your travels. I have no concerns going at least the speed limit, if not the casually accepted 5 over, with the ~2000lb teardrop camper we tow. But that has a relatively low profile and low weight so it's not...
  18. Leer 100R hit by covid-19

    I have a feeling I'm in the same boat. Even though I ordered my Leer 100XR over 5 weeks ago, well before the country started collapsing from this, and I feel like mine would come from the Indiana plant. But unlike you, I've heard jack squat from my dealer on anything. So I have no idea what's...
  19. Another Hypothetical 'Will it Tow' Question

    I don't know if I would go that far. I agree that maxing out the Ranger is probably not the best idea on longer or faster trips. But saying 3000lbs is the "real world" max is a bit extreme in my mind. I towed a ~5500lb enclosed uhaul trailer 6 hrs at 60-70mph last summer and had no issues...
  20. A.R.E classic aluminum canopy

    I have a feeling that's my problem with getting my Leer. Even though I ordered it 5 weeks ago, before the whole country started shutting down. If I don't get it here soon, then I'm figuring it'll be a few months. Which is quite disappointing.