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  1. RTR Wheels

    You mean 265/70 right? That is what is on the RTR Ranger. cant wait to see how they look. I ended up going with Gear Overdrives in 17”. Got all 4 for $517 to my door. So I went that route.
  2. Poor Paint Durability

    S Sorry for delay. Warranty first denied claim, dealer said to call Ford customer care direct because they didn’t see any reason for it to be denied. (They said most all paint claims get denied because of scratch and dent claims) went back and forth with Ford customer care and their final...
  3. Ford Performance

    I reached out to Hennessey to see if they would sell the Tuning on its own. Answer was as follows: "Our VELOCIRAPTOR Ranger upgrade is offered as a full turnkey package installed at our shop in Sealy, TX. We cannot exclude any portion of this upgrade. Greg Brown" So they will only do the whole...
  4. Colorado Magnetic Sport Wheels

    Still available.
  5. Poor Paint Durability

    Magnet sticks. I think it was just poor reflection in my garage taking pictures. No rust or anything. I wash the truck every week and didn’t notice it till this week so it’s new for sure.
  6. Poor Paint Durability

    My thoughts exactly, it’s an odd thing to see. Bad paint adherence, stress, who knows what caused it! Pretty crazy though for under 10k miles. My 2012 6.7 with 215k on it looked better for paint durability.
  7. Poor Paint Durability

    Mine has seemed to have some chips here and there small ones really. 9,600 miles. Bought it late October ‘19. However yesterday while cleaning it and wiping it down I noticed a pretty significant flake starting to peel. Right at back of cab above bed line. I know nothing I have had in the bed...
  8. Gear OffRoad 17x9 +10

    I agree! Thank you! I am thinking of the 275/65 Mickey’s. It’s an off size that isn’t common, but it’s a nice all terrain that is not an LT and keeps the weight down compared to some others. If I don’t go that route it will be the 265/70 Nitto’s.
  9. Gear OffRoad 17x9 +10

    Those flares look great on there! Thanks! I wanted ones with gray to pull on the magnetic, but went this route. +10 compared to your -12 your setup will stick out almost an inch farther than mine. Exhaust is the AFE Apollo GT axle back setup. I was really close to finding a -12 setup for this...
  10. Gear OffRoad 17x9 +10

    Put some Gear OffRoad Overdrive 17x9 +10 wheels. Kept the factory 265/65R17 Hankook’s for the time being, trying to decide a 265/70 or a 275/65 for them. Offset is perfect (for later plans of RTR flares) super cheap good looking option.
  11. Colorado WTS MBRP Exhaust Tip $30

    PM with your info!
  12. Vibration at any speed - don't know what to do

    Put the whole thing on jack stands, throw it in 4wd to get all wheels spinning and put it in gear and get up to the lowest speed you have ever noticed it at. See if anything starting shaking or shuttering and where? If it’s a wheel issue it will most likely show loaded and unloaded. Tire...may...
  13. EZ Lynk Question

    Just and FYI, Calibrated Power Solutions reaches out to me about they will be offering support packs for the ranger, through EZ Lynk Auto Agent! couple weeks out, with the flash support from EZ, but should be soon! didn’t know if you were interested in tuning the Ranger but it’ll be a nice...
  14. Cheap exhaust

    Sounds pretty dang good for what you have, good deal on it!
  15. Colorado WTS MBRP Exhaust Tip $30

    MBRP Dual wall black exhaust tip. Bolt on 3” (fits factory tailpipe great). Had to trim off about 3” from tailpipe to get it to sit flush (how I like it) Originally powder coated black, had some chips and scratches and was painted with high heat black to cover it. Asking $30 in person Will...
  16. Colorado Magnetic Sport Wheels

    Selling my factory magnetic sport wheels from a 2019 FX4. 17x8 +55. came off with 9,150 miles. $300 OBO Tire shop had rubbed a couple spots in some of the wheels, they are fairly minor and can most likely be buffed. Pictures of scuffs included. They have been coated since day one and...
  17. Colorado 17" Appearance package wheels with Nitto Ridge Grapplers 32"

    Any chance you would be willing to split them up and sell tires alone? Those 112/109S Ridge Grapplers are a rarity now!
  18. Aftermarket subwoofer

    The factory cubby has little clips that clip back in. Just holds in place but you can still pull it back out.
  19. Aftermarket subwoofer

    I don’t get any off sounds out of mine from just the driver side input to the pac inverter and to the sub.
  20. Aftermarket subwoofer

    That was me that mentioned that earlier... I used retro rubber. Or butyl in between the factory plastic cubby and the 3/4” MDF and then screwed it together. Then used sound deadening material all around it. The box is 100% removable and can be pulled out in minutes. Speaker Input plug ins on the...