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  1. Poor Paint Durability

    Love that sh!t. Makes the door edges look good and do their job protecting.
  2. RCMUSTANG'S Auto Folding Mirrors Mod Buy Thread

    Sorry to hear. We had a bmw in the shop for months once. Asked that they pay my loan for the months it was not in my hands. They did. Losing warranty months worth asking for reimbursement.
  3. Poor Paint Durability

    In the same boat. Paint issue waiting for ford to respond. Not of most importance at moment. Hope all works out well. Well see what ford does in the end.
  4. RCMUSTANG'S Auto Folding Mirrors Mod Buy Thread

    What’s wrong with the truck? Sorry to hear such.
  5. Show us your touch up before and after.

    If you need more let me know. Not at my truck now.
  6. Show us your touch up before and after.

    Here you go friend. Winunite Car Door Edge Guards... Easy to use and install
  7. Paint Warranty on wheel wells.

    If enough people complain they’ll have to fix it. Alert some one in the car media space and see what happens then lol. I’m going to assume ford will fix it. Until the final no I’m going to be optimistic.
  8. Paint Warranty on wheel wells.

    My dealer told me to deal with it and now I’m in the process of talking to ford. Ford needs their feedback and photos. My dealer not responding so if not I have to go to another dealer to investigate the issue. Currently waiting. I have been nothing but polite to original dealer as I know...
  9. COVID-19 Thread

    I would like to see the media held accountable. In my 20 years of financial management I’ve never seen a media just flat out lie and be wrong so much. I joke with friends. If I could short the media headlines over the last 4 years I would be a trillionaire. Some of the best were. Hilary...
  10. Paint Warranty on wheel wells.

    Hey Phil, Did what you said. Elevated to ford Corp service rep. My tires are in the stock set up. Dealer said they were advised by the FMC to do nothing based on their lack of coverage due to possible normal road wear. Which is odd. Very obvious bubble and peeling in person. Thx PM me if you...
  11. COVID-19 Thread

    This tweet from the WHO not aging well.
  12. Show us your touch up before and after.

    Started a thread about the wheel wells and under side paint bubbling, cracking and peeling. Trying to see if bushwacker would dona body armor extension. If interested check out the thread. My paint is cracking and peeling sadly. Ford won’t help as of now. Dealer blamed road conditions
  13. Paint Warranty on wheel wells.

    Hey Guys and Gals, Spoke with Bushwacker Customer Support about and idea to extend the body armor. I am going to email the guy in charge of making decisions to build such things I was told that if this is really an idea people would want that we need to blow up this thread and reach out to...
  14. Paint Warranty on wheel wells.

    Just left ford. Looks like paint defects on the wheel wells won’t be covered under warranty. Even after 2000 miles. Spoke with manager. Didn’t want to argue with him, he’s always helped on other issues . Nice guy and it wasn’t his call bottom line. So what to do? Does anyone think they...
  15. Denver Dealers with the best service Department

    Anyone have a recommendation for service in the Denver area for service on their trucks. Not all dealers are the same so any insight appreciated. Thx DMAX
  16. NAPA oil

    Amsoil here.
  17. Aftermarket Brakes and Rotors

    Has anyone found aftermarket brakes and rotors that could replace the stock one parts? Looking around online and not finding much. Any insight appreciated. Cheers.
  18. chirp sound coming from the engine

    my chipmunk is pretty loud. I wouldn’t care if it was barely noticeable but it’s like having a squirrel/mouse in your crawl space/walls. I need to trap him and get rid of it. The sounds is obnoxious. My wife’s bmw had a bad bushing that she couldn’t hear. She can hear this sound all the time...
  19. COVID-19 Thread

    :) lol. Not scared. Pretty sure I’ve already gotten it. I never get sick. No flu shots in 20 years. Wife is convinced I’m an alien. Oops