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  1. Whistle from driver side mirror

    Problem solved fortunately. I went ahead and did both sides just in case. I’llmake a few calls when this covid stuff calms down and see if anyones aware of this.
  2. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Here ya go. This brings back some good memories. The flipside of this is gonna be bad.
  3. Whistle from driver side mirror

    Mine wIggled a good amount. I took them off, loaded the inner lip with silicone, then ran a small amount of silicone along the seam after putting them back in. Theyre drying now so we’ll see how it does in a couple hours.
  4. Whistle from driver side mirror

    I actually just got back from a drive after taping all the gaps with electrical tape and removing them one by one while driving. Come to find out its the ford insert shown on the pic below. I guess thats where the puddle lamp would go? Im about to silicone it in place closing up the gaps...
  5. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Yeah I haven't seen these prices since high school (26 years ago). Ive considered heading to the west side of the state where the really good scenery is but you can't camp right now and I definitely don't want to stay in a hotel during this mess.
  6. FORScan Modifications
  7. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Gas is $1.09 here so Ive been taking some drives to intentionally get lost and see some stuff I haven't seen. This other day I went on one for about 4 hours. Still don't really know where I went but the scenery was nice.
  8. Whistle from driver side mirror

    After cleaning the truck this weekend I have noticed a horrible whistle from about 50mph to 75mph coming from the drivers side mirror. Apparently the mud was blocking the path thats allowing this now. If I put my finger under the plastic where it meets the door it stops. Im about to squeeze some...
  9. Forscan auto start/stop

    The menu edit in the IPC section is for the message on the instrument panel, hence the IPC section. Its not a problem or error with forscan, its 2 different auto start stop items.
  10. 2.5” VS 3”

    2.5” made mine perfectly level. Measure the passenger side. The drivers side sits a hair lower up front.
  11. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    After spending 2 weeks covered in mud, I took a break from house projects to give a wash and first wax. 7 hours worth of washing, waxing and detailing the interior.
  12. Coronavirus - Ford Assembly Plant

    Gotta say, Im shocked they did this.
  13. Gas prices?

    1.69 Metro Detroit area Sams
  14. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    With that lift you can get one size bigger tire with the KO2'S, without any further mods, than you can the Falkens. 275/70R17 on the KO2 vs 265/70R17 on the Falkens. Just a heads up.
  15. Coronavirus - Ford Assembly Plant

    Thats not good. That'll spread.
  16. Coronavirus - Ford Assembly Plant

    Edit: It was the same as G.M. Work from home if you can
  17. Biggest tires, no lift?

    Late reply but... The taller the tire the more surface contact it makes. Whether you will notice performance gains is dependent on your driving and the conditions in which you do so. For me, I want as much contact in snow as I can get. Same with mud and rock. For someone in Arizona who drives...
  18. Coronavirus - Ford Assembly Plant

    I think you'll be pretty close to on schedule. I would be shocked if production actually closed. Fiat has a confirmed case in their plant in Indiana and it is still up and running.
  19. Coronavirus - Ford Assembly Plant

    So far the only thing that's been stopped or affected here is the plant tours. Michigan just started getting affected by this stuff yesterday really so its possible to start affecting production in the coming days/weeks. So far nothing though. Last night we closed all schools, state wide, until...
  20. Auto Stop / Start

    Within my immediate family and employees there are 11 fords with auto start stop. Out of those 11 only 1 person doesn't mind it. The rest can't stand it and have all complained at one point or another about it. None of them are members of forums. Until I bought the Ranger I was unaware it...