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  1. Was your Ranger the first at anything?

    I was the first ranger owner in the state of Florida to replace their alternator I was also the first to race on a short track with it, mind you this was all the way back in July so many of these people haven’t even seen a new ranger at this point.
  2. Tacoma Rims

    Aye, sorry for the hostility. I misinterpreted what you were saying
  3. Tacoma Rims

    It was getting late but I did this real quick on only my driver side tire
  4. Tacoma Rims

    Thanks man! Sadly I don’t, but I did plan on taking all of the photos in the world tomorrow so I’ll definitely get a photo of it!
  5. Tacoma Rims

    Update on the wheels, they’re all on after getting all the lugnuts but sadly the custom hubcaps aren’t in yet. All I had to trim were some aerodynamic mud flaps that were up front
  6. Tacoma Rims

    Surprisingly enough they are actually the same thread
  7. Tacoma Rims

    HAHA, I actually got the rims from someone who just traded in their Tacoma for a 13 Raptor because the Tranny
  8. Tacoma Rims

    Lol, I’m having someone on Etsy make me custom hubcaps to replace them
  9. Tacoma Rims

    Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that the Tacoma TRD off-road rims fit on our trucks. I got pair of Federal Couargia MT LT285/75R16 to complement them. I haven’t officially mounted them since the lugnuts arnt the same. Once I get them all 4 mounted I’ll update the thread with more...
  10. Tonneau Cover and Off-Road Rack

    I’m not gonna lie, that retractable tonneau cover looks pretty wicked not gonna lie but why does it take up an entire quarter of the bed?
  11. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Are the panels something I could do myself, bringing my truck across the country would be a bit to much. Also how would the carbon fiber hold up in a wreck? I’m a pretty save driver but of course you’ve gotta account for worst case scenarios
  12. Tonneau Cover and Off-Road Rack

    I haven’t done a lot of research on bed mods for the ranger. I was thinking about getting a topper for my truck and keep it as simple as that but my friend is trying convince me otherwise. He wants me to get a tonneau cover but if I do that I’d want to get a bedrack as well. I was wondering if...
  13. The Dream Machine

    The Dream Machine

  14. Getting my truck to look like a ranger raptor

    Maybe one day lol
  15. APG Ranger ProRunner

    I was gonna call to ask but it’s a Sunday, I was wondering if you guys made the fenders, bed sides and fascia in steel instead of carbon fiber
  16. Getting my truck to look like a ranger raptor

    Man that does look great but it’s carbon fiber which is probably a reason it’s so much. I’m also confused why you would need to change out your entire suspension for it? The tires I currently have are already about an inch from my fenders currently. I would only need to go about an inch and a...
  17. Getting my truck to look like a ranger raptor

    I do like the performance and tuning they did to the Hennessy but they didn’t do any body styling which is what I want. I plan on getting shocks and tires myself anyway so there would be no point In going through them. I also find the power the truck produces right now is plenty.
  18. Getting my truck to look like a ranger raptor

    They aren’t cheap I know that, they order OEM parts from other countries and do the install themselves since it isn’t really easy Here’s a video kinda talking about the process
  19. Getting my truck to look like a ranger raptor

    I do see the appeal of the RR grill but I’m not the biggest fan or it. I’m talking about body styling of the front quarter panels and bedsides to widen the truck like this:
  20. Getting my truck to look like a ranger raptor

    From what I seen, I could be wrong of course, not many people are doing the body style of the RR. If more people did I wouldn’t be making this post because their would already be an answer to it. Also even if literally every ranger owner decide to make theirs a raptor I would probably still do...