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  1. How many actually use the running boards

    They work for my little woman.
  2. Lets see those Cab window decals!!

    Semper Paratus! USCG Retired. USN Vietnam 71-73
  3. How many actually use the running boards

    I don't use them like normal. My lady is 4ft 10" so she likes them with the grab rail. I put my right foot in and scooch into the seat then put my left foot on the running board to boost myself into the cab all the way. I have the painted aluminum wheels so the chrome running boards help the...
  4. How many actually use the running boards

    I have the same chrome boards. I think the chrome helps my painted aluminum wheels blend in better. I like your wheels better but I'm happy with mine.
  5. Ford Window Vent Shades

    I put the weathertech 4 piece set on my Screw and they mount in the window channel without tape.
  6. Rear License Plate frame clearance

    Every vehicle I have ever bought the 1st thing I did was get rid of the dealer frames. No free advertising for the dealers.
  7. Wiper fluid sprayer stopped working

    Glad you solved the problem...……...
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Installed the two missing bed tie down hooks and also the DeeZee tailgate damper.
  9. New Puppy need nice seat covers

    I bought the same cover and it is excellent What a cute little bugger!!!!! Was he named after Last Man Standing?
  10. PNW Chit Chat

    White Lariat drives by my house daily on his way home. 189th near the North end of the Arlington airport
  11. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    The two missing bed cargo hooks & bolts. DeeZee tailgate damper
  12. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    I installed the valve cover breather and have not seen any misting or fuel smell.
  13. Amateur Radio/Antenna Installations

    For the time being I'm going portable with a trailer hitch antenna mount for my yaesu 857D. With the removable control head It gives me some options for mounting in the cab later on. W7TUG
  14. Anyone try the Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature?

    I have this 2.0 trifecta cover and I like it. Keeps the bed dry here in the rainy NW. It also took me a little bit to figure out the spacer bar fasteners but when all else fails-------- follow the directions!
  15. Nice job FORD

    I see that members seem to have a lot of issues with the Gen5 Ranger. I don't doubt these issues. I want to express my total satisfaction with my new Ranger. My last Ranger was an 05 with the 4 banger & 5 speed manual. What a different animal this Gen5 is.! My wife has a Mercedes GLC 250 small...
  16. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    I'll take the quiet. I won't have to mess with the factory sound system. I'm just showing my age! (70yo).
  17. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    The Bridgestone 's defiantly are not aggressive looking. They are quiet on the Hwy. I like that.
  18. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    Thanks. Build date 10/19
  19. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    No, it's a XLT without trail control. Where do I find the build date? Thanks.
  20. Hankook Dynapro ATM discontinued?

    My 2019 RANGER came with Bridgestone Dueler A/T's. I see that the majority came with Hankook