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  1. Looking to compare an International T6 Ford Ranger 2019-2020

    If anyone knows someone that is here on travel (i.e. drove up from mexico or central america, etc..) we really want to see the truck. We have been getting so many inquiries for our conversion in UK, Australia, central america, and more.. But we do not want to take a chance unless we can verify...
  2. APG Ranger ProRunner

    The conversion consists of replacement body panels, not overlay flares, so a shop with significant composite and body experience with paint operations is needed. Your outer skin panels (fenders, door skins, bedside skins, etc, typically provide cosmetic and Aero characteristics, your inner...
  3. APG Ranger ProRunner

    They say, you learn something new every day.. Thank you for sharing this
  4. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Yes it does! All paint and body, alignment, etc.. out the door price as they say..
  5. APG Ranger ProRunner

    That is a great question, when we finish our next build and before we add off road lights and other accessories, we will weigh the entire truck!
  6. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Hey there... Yes, on our trucks we relocated the adaptive cruise control to behind the grill, and all parking sensors fit perfectly in the bumper. And yes, we do have a stock width option. Please reach out to our sales team if you have any questions
  7. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Great question, but unfortunately the answer is no. Hand shaping each panel would cost way to much and heavy metal stamping is reserved for large volume OEM's manufacturing thousands of the same vehicle. We would love to have a conversation with you and others about the befits of how we...
  8. APG Ranger ProRunner

    What an incredible reply! This vehicle is the very reason we called it the RAMBLER, the goal through the entire process was (How to make it high quality and how to make it affordable) Not everyone can afford a $80K F-150 Raptor so how can we get a truck with comparable performance to Ford...
  9. APG Ranger ProRunner

    lol... Thanks for the feedback...
  10. What would your Ranger look like with our products?

    Want to know what your Ranger would look like with our series 1 system? Send us your base vehicle configuration, your wheel/tire selection, and we will provide you a full rendering of your Ranger, completely free of charge! We only ask that you help spread the word by posting to your Instagram...
  11. APG Ranger ProRunner

    HAHA.. thank you for the complements... please think of us if you want to build out your ranger, for what you get its more affordable than you think
  12. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Unfortunately no off-set wheel will be enough, our system actually includes an all new suspension system with all new control arms (3" wider than stock) it then aligns with our 5" over stock wide body system.
  13. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Hey, yes we remember you... Hows it going? So we didn't want to start selling the body panels or bumpers a-la-cart until their was parts on the market that match ours, now we have seen companies such as baja kits that offer long travel suspension and ADD with bumpers, so if customers want they...
  14. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Yes it Was! Right outside the TOYO Tread pass!
  15. APG Ranger ProRunner

    HAHAH.. Let me ask the team.. LOL
  16. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Yes we are, here in California its a bit challenging and we are working with ARB to obtain. the other states we should be ready to rock in 1-2 months.. shoot us a message from our website if you're interested.
  17. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Hey thank you so much! If the time comes when you do need any guidance, our system or another, don't hesitate to ask!
  18. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Hey thank you! How awesome would that be?!!! You know with our tune, exhaust, and intake, we are getting identical 0-60 speed as a stock F-150 Raptor! The truck is just so light, it moves! We are heading out to the desert to do some comparison videos, will post here soon..!
  19. APG Ranger ProRunner

    Hey Josh! Yes we are selling the body panels but keep in mind they are complete replacement body panels, not flares. They will need to be installed /painted by us or by a professional body shop. Are you planning on running 35's with long travel?
  20. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone! My name is George, located in Sunny California. Designer and builder of the APG Ranger. This Ranger is incredible, it has been the funnest truck to design and work on, the best starting platform! Reach out if you need any Ranger help or have any general tech questions.