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  1. New Rangers as Toads and key in ignition?

    Where did you get this "dummy key"? Did you order it or just make a copy of your ignition key?
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Those look good on your SCab. I have the exact same truck except in a different color. At first I didn't think I needed or wanted running boards or steps but the wife needs them to get in. Amazon does have a good price but they are currently out of stock. I'll have to check with the wife to see...
  3. Softopper

    Ordered the Bestop Supertruck 2 soft top weeks ago on backorder. Still waiting for delivery. Called them and they said it was in but they were doing a quality check on the product before they ship it out. Could be a couple more weeks.
  4. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Looks great! Did you have to take the valence off to paint it? What kind of paint did you use? How did you handle the two front sensors? Mine already has some chips in it with black underneath.
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Like the steps. Do they make it for the SuperCab? Where did you get?
  6. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Like the spoiler. I think this would go well with my soft topper. Where did you get?
  7. Ford Pass Sleep mode

    Mine sat for the first two weeks in August while I was on a trip to Ireland/Scotland. Also got sleep mode message on my Ford Pass. Started right up when I got home. About a month later, truck would not start. All dash lights came on but when I turned the key, nothing! Had to get it towed to the...
  8. De-badging

    Prying off the emblem will break the clips that hold it on. You'll have to reattach it with double sided heavy duty tape.
  9. Tell us about the looks your Ranger gets

    Looking for a pull thru spot at REI this morning landed me next to a brand new Taco. The owner was outside his truck just as I got out and he immediately said to me "Wow, is that the new Ranger?" After I told him about all the great features, power of the 2.3l engine, and gas mileage, he said...
  10. Mike's Ranger experience

    Had the same problem with the Honda Pilot that I owned years ago. Got one of those wedge type cushions to sit on. Helped solve the problem with my lower back. The cloth seats on my XLT took some adjustments to get it just right.
  11. De-badging

    I told the dealer no stickers and there was one on the tailgate on delivery. I had to drive the truck back to their prep shop to have it removed. Then I took off the dealer advertising plate on the front and the dealer license frame on the back.
  12. Where Do You Park Your Ranger?

    Are you going to tow the Ranger behind your Motorhome?
  13. Tell us about the looks your Ranger gets

    The other day I went to my local hardware store to get my propane tank filled for the grill. After I went into the store to pay for the propane I came out to find a group of guys standing around my truck waiting to get their propane tanks filled. They were all looking at the truck, and one of...
  14. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    My dealer ordered the hardware with the cover. The dealer charged me about $33 for the cover and $12 for the four bolts. Two of the bolts actually hold down the cover. One just acts as a support on the left side and the fourth bolt is useless. I screwed it into a thread behind the cover.
  15. Permanent Rack threads on Ranger Roof?

    I'm using my existing Thule racks to carry my 17' and 18' kayaks. To hold my 58" square cross bar over the cab, I ordered a Traverse foot pack set of two. There is no Traverse fit kit for the new Ranger, so I ordered fit kit #1827 used for the Tacoma and it fit perfect. On the back, I have the...
  16. Engine Sound

    Maybe a slight bit quieter inside the cabin. Engine wasn't that loud to begin with, sounds like a four cylinder.
  17. Engine Sound

    Just picked up the engine cover from my dealer for my XLT. List price is $45, dealer charged me $30. 4 bolts with nuts, list is 6.50 each, dealer charged me 3.50 each. $47 total after tax. You don't really need all 4 bolts. Two are used to hold down the cover, one is used as a support on the...
  18. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    BedRug Impact bed mat and tailgate cover from PandaWorks. Can't put it in yet because it's still too cold here in the Northeast. :eek:
  19. Anyone Using FordPass Rewards?

    I tried to use my Ford Pass points yesterday to pay for the engine cover that I ordered for my XLT. My salesman had very little knowledge on how to redeem points and said they had not been trained yet on how to do so. When they looked it up it said for maintenance only meaning it could only be...
  20. Anyone Using FordPass Rewards?

    I took delivery on 4/11 and received my 42,000 points a week later. But I would rather have had my private incentive for $750 that expired on 4/1 or the $500 rebate that started on 4/19. Cash in hand means more to me than future points.