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  1. Bed Rack and RTT Installed

    I went with the elevate telescoping rack system to work with my tonneau cover, without the RTT on I can full open and remove my tonneau cover, with the RTT I can open only open the first fold. I have an add a leaf coming in the mail, the truck still sits level when. Still but I do a fair bit of...
  2. SHOW ME YOUR RTT!!!!!!

    Finally finished installing the rack and tent! Just need to be able to go somewhere now!
  3. Dashcam Install

    I got the nextbase 522gw coming in the mail with a generic hardwire kit, wish me luck
  4. Installed ARB Compressor

    It is very tight for sure
  5. DIY "Green" UPS/battery backup generator - the comforts of home in your Ford Ranger!

    You will need this (or something like it) for this ranger to do a dual battery set up due to the "smart alt." or most times...
  6. Stage 3's 2019 Ranger Fox 2.0 Stage 1 Package Review!

    I did the same thing, but I had planned to upgrade the *sway bar links* any way, A plastic socket on an "off road," truck?! (once you pop them out they are much more likely to pop out again) Plus these are serviceable, I bought them on ebay...
  7. Installed ARB Compressor

    It is not pretty, but it works, and I only used what came in the box. I used to have a tendencie to over engineer things. I have since made a mission to aim at "simplest design," when working on projects now. I saw other ways this compressor was installed, I likes all the ideas and my wheels...
  8. Fender Vents ! We got them ! FORD ACCESSORIES *Licensed*

    Anyone know where they got that light bar bracket?
  9. California Fox 2.0 Stage 1 Package

    what are you switching to?
  10. Ranger Gets Ford Performance Parts Leveling Kits with Coil-overs & Fox Shocks

    I had a similar experience, watching stage 3 and the other videos I found of people casually tossing it back is in BS. I got another smaller bottle jack and jacked up the lower control arm slowly until it was in line, then it fell into place with 0 effort
  11. Strange noise when in motion...

    Update! No need to go to the dealer on this one. Was about to drive home from work and the noise was louder so I pulled over and decided to give it a better look. Driver side- Nothing looked out of place Passenger side- Hmmm, there is a lug nut missing.....oh two are missing and a bolt has...
  12. Strange noise when in motion...

    Ok, makes sense, why do you think it only hits a makes a noise at a certain point, and not the whole time rotation
  13. Strange noise when in motion...

    I am dropping it off in the AM and they're ubering me to work (which is only 2 miles away), but I may do that this evening anyway, good idea
  14. Strange noise when in motion...

    Funny enough I was trying to send you a private message as well, but I couldn't figure it out and just had to hope you'd see it!
  15. Strange noise when in motion...

    Hello, Just for some context, I have installed the fox 2.0 suspension, and 1.5" wheel spacers, both over 2+weeks ago and have had an alignment done. Yesterday I noticed a strange sound coming from what sounds like under the car near the front, closer to the drivers side (that part could be...
  16. Cool tires, lame fuel economy

    Sorry to be off topic but what brand/where did you get that headache rack and side rails? I am having trouble find ones that mount the way it looks like yours do. Very cool and useful looking!
  17. AFN 4x4 Winch Front Bumper On sale now

    Hey did I miss the boat on this bumper?
  18. California Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0

    If it will work will with my tonneau cover I am very interested, I just went on the website, it looks like it does, but they also do not advertise a sport bar compatible with the ranger, which one is this?
  19. California Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0

    Sorry for the questions, but does this bar mount well with a hard tri fold?! I have been looking for more options!!