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  1. New style side mirrors with blind spot view

    Should be standard equipment!
  2. Show Me Your Kitties!

    AHHH I know that angry kitty look! Human you shall pay! 🤣
  3. Who Loves Their B&O Sound System?

    Not sure if most know, but B&O designs car stereo systems per model. So what you get in our Ranger is totally different than a mustang or BMW or F150 etc. The match the sound quality with the interior acoustic dynamics. I went to their website thru Ford. Com and watched the video pretty neat
  4. Wheel Spacers on Stock Rims

    I have the bushwacker pocket flares, anyone with those flares, oem Lariat style wheels and 1.5" spacers?! Would love to see how they look, I been kicking around getting spacers. I would think these flares would keep the crud off the side of the truck
  5. Seat Covers W/GUN SCABBARD

    I'd love a good pair of front seat covers with pistol pockets on the front between the legs.
  6. How many actually use the running boards

    Use mine alot
  7. Who Loves Their B&O Sound System?

    1st system I have not had to tweak. Had they not had an equalizer in the stereo I may have added one. Great bass. I adjusted the center range to just a tick behind the front seats. I have tinnitus pretty bad, so my ears are finicky. Absolute only thing I may do is sound deaden the inner and...
  8. Winch Capable Front Bumper

    How did you deal with the park assist bumper sensors?
  9. Report your MPG

    Just filled up but I will give the higher octane a try next tank.
  10. Ford tune for Ranger !?!?!!! Coming soon....

    Well ya, I mean to that specific engine. All these tunes for more HP, I wanna save some fuel and not burn more (tune wise) but I don't want it to become a slow slug
  11. Ford tune for Ranger !?!?!!! Coming soon....

    If I could do a tune that didn't lower HP or Torque but increased MPG I would look into it
  12. Report your MPG

    Just curious, if you didn't change your commute or driving habits and only switched from cheap unleaded to mid or high grade unleaded, was there a noticeable increase in mpg that would make it worth the added cost?
  13. Biggest tires, no lift?

    I'd also be interested in how much wider we could go before you had to add a spacer on the caliper. I love my oem rims but eventually a wider stance would be nice
  14. Bad plugs

    I'm due for 1st oil change and tsb /recall. Did you notice any fuel economy change after the tranny work?
  15. Trouble With Dealer and FordPass Points

    True. Guess it would depend on which antenna they use, the wedge satellite one or the stubby which I swapped for shorter, need to get a longer one now that I know how much clearance I have. If my plan wouldn't cost me more $ per month I would explore it but 4 phones is plenty on my plan.
  16. Exhaust videos Only !!!

    I would either want one with a deep base throaty exhaust or stay stock and quiet. Don't want mine sounding like a slot car with a headcold.
  17. Cat delete

    She is Hillary part deux