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  1. California Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0

    Updated price $300! Need this gone.
  2. California Side Steps-GoRhino $300

    Thank you! Black Rhino Roku 17x9.5"
  3. Got rear ended. Show me your rear bumpers

    Here is my Westin Automotive steel rear bumper. All sensors still work, and it has built in LED lights that can be hooked up for reverse, or on their own switch. I love the tubular baja look to it. Half the price of ADD.
  4. RTR Fender Flares

    I got it from Trigger Control. They are based out of Corona, CA. I would give them a call and see what they have available!
  5. Eibach PRO-TRUCK LIFT SYSTEM (Stage 1)

    The ride is much stiffer. Meant for the off road and woops! Feels similar to the Eibach suspension that comes stock on the Raptors.
  6. RTR Fender Flares

    Thanks man, I am running Yokohama Geolander X-A/T tires in 285/70/17 = 32.7" tires. The wheels are Black Rhino Roku 17x9.5" +12 offset.
  7. RTR Fender Flares

    thank you!
  8. RTR Fender Flares

    Thank you!!
  9. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    New RTR Flares on my Magnetic
  10. Eibach PRO-TRUCK LIFT SYSTEM (Stage 1)

    Installed the Eibach Pro Truck Lift System on my Ranger. Adjustable 2-3" lift in the front and I also bought the 1" rear block. I have yet to install the rear, which is why the front looks higher. Will post pictures of the rear, once I install it.
  11. RTR Fender Flares

    Installed the new RTR Fender Flares on my Ranger. They are my favorite flare offered for our Rangers. with only a 1.5" extension, it does not take away from the lines of the truck. Still has the OEM look IMO.
  12. Winch Capable Front Bumper

    Westin Automotive and Superwinch have teamed up to build a winch bumper/bull bar. They should be releasing it soon. David at Westin would know more information if you called them. Based out in San Dimas, CA.
  13. Wolf Graphics...

    Disappears in the dark, unless you shine light on it.
  14. Wolf Graphics...

    Here is what the matte black graphic on magnetic paint looks like.
  15. California Side Steps-GoRhino $300

    They are not installed anymore. Or else I would have taken measurements for you! Let me know if you are still interested, and you can check them out this week/weekend.
  16. Westin Bumper+Light Bar & Fog Lights

    Thank you! We will have to get together for a photo shoot sometime!
  17. Westin Bumper+Light Bar & Fog Lights

    Thank you! High end quality. I like it much better than anything else on the market so far.
  18. Westin Bumper+Light Bar & Fog Lights

    haha yup, the add on skid plate helps a lot as well.
  19. Westin Bumper+Light Bar & Fog Lights

    I can get a picture today to show you all of the angles of the bumper!