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  1. 2019 Ranger XLT Sport 4x4 level/ tires/ spacers.

    Looking good @SouthTXRanger19 - thank you for sharing!
  2. Looking for a Deal on Nitto Tires?

    Hi @Doc At this time Nitto does not offer a 16-inch Drag Radial that fits the Ranger. On a slightly unrelated note though, Nitto just launched their new NT555R II Drag Radial. Details:
  3. Matte Black or Anthracite?

    Method builds quality wheels! For those considering the Method NV - the MR605 NV Version noted above is part of Method's DISCO Series which are 10 to 12 inches wide with aggressive negative offset. For more traditional fitments, the MR305 NV is available in 8.5-inch to 9-inch widths and...
  4. Matte Black or Anthracite?

    Looking forward to seeing the new combo bolted up!
  5. Matte Black or Anthracite?

    Both colors will look good. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  6. What size wheels details for my Ranger?

    The 17x8.5 0 offset is going to sit 2-1/2" further out towards the fender when compared to where the factory wheel sits now. According to our measurements, this places the front lip of the wheel about 1-1/4" outside of the fender. The 17x8.5 +18 offset is going to sit 1-3/4" further out...
  7. Size Tires

    265/70R-18, 275/65R-18 or even 285/65R-18 may work for you, but that will be dependent on the wheel dimensions. Do you know the width and offset of your aftermarket wheels?
  8. What size wheels details for my Ranger?

    Welcome to the site, @SugarWolf ! As mentioned, 6-139.7 is the bolt pattern 🤞 Generally speaking, an 8.5-inch wide wheel with 0 offset to a 9-inch wide wheel with +12 offset are the most common options if you want the wheels to poke outside of the fenders slightly. Higher offset options work...
  9. NC BigD Fords

    Thank you for the photos. Both great looking Fords.
  10. Dinged wheel during tire rotation

    We're sorry to learn of this but we're happy to see the store took good care of you! Thank you for your kind words and for choosing Discount Tire!
  11. Looking for a Deal on Nitto Tires?

    -March 16 through March 31, 2020- Receive a $80.00 PrePaid Mastercard back by mail when you purchase a set of four(4) select Nitto tires!!! See the links below for complete details. AT THE STORE: Nitto Tire Deals | Discount Tire TO YOUR DOOR: Nitto Tire Deals | Discount Tire Direct
  12. Hello!!!

    PM coming your way!
  13. Hello!!!

    Hi, Bret (@Cape Cruiser) There are no specials running on TPMS hardware but we do have O.E.M. equivalent sensors available. Let us know if you'd like a quote and we'll make sure you're taken care of!
  14. Hello!!!

    We just sent you a PM, @Horadric Cube !
  15. New Ranger new member

    Welcome to the site @BeachRanger19 !
  16. Hello!!!

    Hi, @Horadric Cube ! We are not able to order FN wheels at this time. May I ask which style you are considering? I'm happy to see if there's something similar that may work for you.
  17. Hello!!!

    Thank you for the update, @Phik ! We're sorry to learn of the delay with the spare, but I'm glad to hear it was sorted out - enjoy the new rubber!
  18. Spring Thank YOU Event Starts NOW at Discount Tire Direct!

    -March 6th thru March 8th, 2020- Receive a 10% prepaid Mastercard by mail on your TOTAL purchase amount when you buy 4 tires or wheels at Discount Tire Direct! WANT TO SAVE MORE?! Receive an additional 5% rebate on the above offer by using your Discount Tire credit card - that's a...