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  1. Winch Capable Front Bumper

    That is in fact the winch we modeled it with (and likely the one I'll run), so if all goes as planned then yes. Most warn (and winches in general) have the same bolt mounting pattern it's just a space issue but these trucks have a fair bit of space there once you relocate the ACC.
  2. Winch Capable Front Bumper

    Coming soon. Prototype should be done in a week and a half, then mounting and some testing. Winch capable, wire management tabs/light mounting points included, modular 3 piece design, retains parking sensors and tow hooks, relocated ACC, gussets for strength. And that's just the stage 1.
  3. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Then on Sunday, helped a buddy go buy himself a new Ranger too. I love my HPR and it's still my favorite but the white is super clean.
  4. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Not today (Saturday) but I took the truck out for some fun in Afton Canyon/Mojave. Mud and salt mush up to the axles, water crossings halfway up the doors (no water intrusion), 80+mph trails, and 1 oh sh*t moment hitting a probably 20-22inch whoop I didnt see at 40ish and launching the rear end...
  5. Post your off-road pics.

    Got the Ranger out for some fun time this weekend out at Afton Canyon/Mojave. It was a blast. The truck handled everything great, hit some relatively stupid speeds (80+ at points and yes offroad) and it rode like a cloud over just about everything (nowhere near stock), and even got the rear end...
  6. New Switch Location

    Haha I assume that basically just hides the wires and makes it look a tiny bit cleaner with the 12v. May make install a tiny bit easier too by corralling wiring. But yeah I put the panel down there a year ago right when I got the truck and just tied the wiring up and haven't had any issues with...
  7. No, Not Again!

    Not trying to damage it, but offroading it happens; got my first desert stripes with less than 1k miles on it and a few more since. It's a truck, it's meant to do truck stuff for me. And in SoCal we rarely see this water fall from the sky of which you guys speak, so I just wash it once a month...
  8. New Switch Location Not affiliated with them in any way, there are plenty of good switch controller units out there, just a fan of this one and works great for me so far (lots of capabilities).
  9. New Switch Location

    If you go with a SwitchPros unit, it fits perfectly between the 12v plugs and takes up no additional space. (Photo from before I labeled everything right after install).
  10. 3.5 in a Ranger?

    Ah I keep forgetting as well for most of you the Raptor is only slightly higher up price wise. Here in the not so great state of CA, Raptors still run you 80k+ if you're lucky after all of our assortment of taxes.
  11. 3.5 in a Ranger?

    Unfortunately, I have it on fairly good authority they will never be doing that in any real way (read: maybe a 50 example limited edition if anything). It wouldn't make sense for either side as much fun as it would be because the negative for them is it would cannibalize their own sales of...
  12. Aftermarket Bed/roof rack system

    Haha cool well take a look at my leafs when I finish up with them and see what you think. How do you like the icon kit? What kind of use have you put it through so far?
  13. Aftermarket Bed/roof rack system

    I forgot to measure exactly in the front but I think it's around 2" above stock in the front (no lift blocks or anything just swapped in 2.5 ext travel kings, svc billet control arms, etc), rear is stock except for the same 2.5 ext travel kings so same height but I'm making some leafs thatll add...
  14. Vulnerable steering gear

    This is a much harsher (and obviously because of the personal connection your feelings on the matter are stronger) critique of another problem all manufacturers have nowadays in my opinion (and I understand the reasons behind it...somewhat, but still...). Why do we only have a plastic protective...
  15. Vulnerable steering gear

    Or some of us want them for a while so we have some level of protection until we've worked out our solution to what we could do to improve them and then maybe eventually may sell the stock ones once our new ones go on...
  16. FX4 Suspension Bounce

    Exactly. Unladen wheel travel and performance is not what it was designed for since it has to meet so many weight based requirements for the industry/sales/press/many owners who use them as work trucks. And Phil, correct me if I'm wrong, but not only does Ford design to be protected from people...
  17. FX4 Suspension Bounce

    Haha more specifically an unloaded truck which they developed with high tow capacity and payload in mind instead of wheel travel performance
  18. FX4 Suspension Bounce

    Interesting. I hadn't noticed anything unusual on mine and I'm at 12k miles and fairly modified, but drove it for 8k miles with only minor mods. I went looking for it today driving around and I only noticed 2 minor things that people might be feeling (if it isn't truly a manufacturing issue with...
  19. Vulnerable steering gear

    Weird! You'd think they'd do it thanks for the info (I had a friend get one with it but maybe he bought the plate at the dealer when he bought the truck). And thanks I'm trying to sort it out correctly re the bounce bc with all the "knowledge" floating around on some of these issues like the...
  20. FX4 Suspension Bounce

    Hi Tom, Basically I want it to ride well on my horrible CA roads and desert/mountain trails at mild speeds (25-75) no true pre-running I'll do that in purpose built vehicles. With good leaf building you can get a lot out of them, a lot of dune and jump trucks run front and rear leafs even and...