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  1. Tailgate Damper

    I know I know. But for now, this lil guy needs them. And for my new year's resolution, Im already working on it my good man...progression not perfection. Lol
  2. Tailgate Damper

    I also encountered when installing my dampers; on the second one, I must have lifted it out of place to where it wasn’t secured in a notch/clip. It was loose and uneven when moving the tailgate. After re-securing it, it’s all good now. Just throwing it out there as a long shot, but still a...
  3. Tailgate Damper

    I want to start out by giving a shout out to varsityford! I ordered the dampers from a local Dealer initially and was told I would recieve them in two days, 2 months later I still haven't received those. They have no progressive update and info. I came back on the forum this past weekend, came...
  4. Tailgate Damper

    Also just order. Expedited shipping. Welcome code works. Should receive 16-17 Jan. But we shall see..
  5. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Disregard wording with pics on previous post. Not sure what happened. Just wanted to say in a nutshell; thanks to Gsaff I ended up going with falken wildpeaks at3w 255/80r17 and couldn't be happier. At least half an inch space at any revolution. Outside of maxtrac 2.5inch level. No other...
  6. Toyota Accessories Guy Raptor Grille

    My apologize. Meant to send this a few weeks back when I installed it. Also installed Stage 3 Motorsport raptor grill. I ordered the wrong one and actually jimmy rigged it to work. Still order the one that’s supposed to work with Themis specific raptor grill. Wasn’t too convinced about that...
  7. FORScan Crowdsourced Wiki

    Thanks. That’s the menu I’ve been mainly utilizing as well. Not sure if this helped, but after not choosing my saved vehicle;I was able to get Bambi mode and the 4x4 cluster display. Did try hex with background for Lincoln timeless(black icons) with no success, but when I tried Lincoln...
  8. FORScan Crowdsourced Wiki

    global windows, start/stop, Bambi mode also I don’t believe worked. Vehicle just shuts off and I receive an error. I did read something about not choosing my saved vehicle though. Will try again without choosing my saved vehicle shortly.
  9. FORScan Crowdsourced Wiki

    Thanks! Questions; has anyone utilized the new configuration modules where you don’t have to modify any numerical/alphabetical characters(more simplified, enable/disable or options listed)? Is there a diff between the two? Easier to modify? Probability of succeeding in changes in one then the...
  10. FORScan Modifications

    move been attempting to change my theme, when I write its restarts like usual before change but doesn’t change the theme. Stuck on the boo boo default theme. Any thoughts? Resolutions?
  11. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    By any chance, is there a way you can get a pic of how close the top of the inside side of the wheel is to a piece that has come as a possible by of concern.
  12. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Check the if there is is a loose plastic right in front of wheel with two screws in it(first pic). See if the crash-bar piece looks flush or still has a Small gap(second pic and new pic showing a gap on the right of that triangle or right angle piece with the top screws on it).
  13. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    I have a 4x2. Not sure if there is a difference stock with the 4x4 in the wheel well. After doing extensive research on the situation and the minimal amount modifications as possible and financially sound. I’m ready, i went to go order tires but they are back ordered. Still a little worried...
  14. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    I have a maxtrac 2.5 leveling kit, factory sport wheels and want to do falken wildpeaks at3w 255/80r17. Is this possible with no further mods. I also came across a vid showing crash bar can be adjusted slightly .5-1 inch before considering trimming. Also, noticed a part next to the crash bar...
  15. Toyota Accessories Guy Raptor Grille

    Update; received the grille yesterday. Exactly a week to be delivered and from China..impressive. Quality is good. Def not amazing, but prob the same everyone else is getting unless actually the raptor grille itself. Looks identical to the one S3M has after watching video. Parts all there. Easy...
  16. 2WD Level Kits?

    Cool. Ordered that one as well. Will compare and either give one to my father who also purchased a ranger or return if that RC doesn’t look like it’ll work..
  17. 2WD Level Kits?

    Nice! That kit looks similar to the RC 2.5 inch level kit I ordered. May just hope for the best and attempt it. Even though RC says this 4WD kit will not work.
  18. 2WD Level Kits?

    The part comes in at the end of the week. Excited if it works but hesitant and bummed the division with if it’s compatible or not. Like to be more certain than not.