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  1. Ranger ecoboost vs mustang ecoboost (mainly turbo noises)

    So my wife and I recently rented a mustang ecoboost while we were away on vacation. I was pretty impressed with it overall. While we were driving around we noticed that the turbo noises (mainly the spoiling up) is much more prominent in the mustang than in our ranger. I was surprised at just how...
  2. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    I pray for anyone affected by this. I am one of the lucky ones. I work for the Natural Gas Company local to me and I am the only welder in the area so i am one of the few "essential" employees. However, I do not have to physically see or meet anyone. I am isolated in my shop where noone else...
  3. Post your off-road pics.

    Went to check out a road nearby my house that follows a river that’s great for trout season. Think I’ll be hanging out here more often
  4. The “I’m too cheap to buy it so I’ll make it” thread

    After a lot of tweaking and sanding and cutting and remeasuring, I finally was able to get the adapters to clamp on to the bed correctly. Here is the finished product. I have to say it actually came out better than I thought
  5. The “I’m too cheap to buy it so I’ll make it” thread

    fresh update: I had to modify them a little bit and finish them up. Painted and ready to go. Going to put a small piece of neoprene on the inside of the clamp just to protect the bedside a little bit
  6. The “I’m too cheap to buy it so I’ll make it” thread

    Please share projects on your Ranger that you have decided to make or build instead of buy. Here’s mine. I wanted a bed rack for my truck but I find they are way more expensive than I’m willing to spend. I am also a certified and experienced welder and fabricator so I’ll make anything I can if...