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  1. Redarc Tow Pro Elite Install

    Think about resale. Go with the OEM (VKB3Z-2C006-A) and mount the control switch in the shift console. If you do this yourself, be prepared for a wild ride. My wife went ballistic--"You are tearing apart your brand new truck! Are you insane?".
  2. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    Some thoughts: The Ford OEM unit (VKB3Z-2C006-A) 'corrects' what I consider to be a colossal FU by Ford in not providing a TBC option in these trucks--while stating in the user manual that trailers with electric brakes should not be towed without one! Ford selected the Redarc controller because...
  3. Wow! Evolution!

    I prefer 'Big Sis' & 'Little Sis'--I consider all my machines to be female :turkey:
  4. Redarc Tow Pro Elite Install

    You have to pull the kick panel to the left of the fuse box. They are not easy to find and, IMNSHO, cut too short. IIRC, they are bunched together with some blue tape. All that are used are the blue and yellow and getting the heat shrink off the end of them is a PITA. Of course, you can follow...
  5. Wow! Evolution!

    I started out looking at Canyons (preferred) and Colorados for the towing capacity. Then I drove a Ranger and was done. Just before pulling the trigger, I drove a Taco. Just anemic and dated. I concluded that the 'mini-truck' was over and Toyota did not get the memo. Now the minis are coming...
  6. Wow! Evolution!

    That is EXACTLY what I thought!
  7. Wow! Evolution!

    Caught this in a pkg lot! (mines on the right :like:)
  8. No, Not Again!

    LOL! Go visit the Porsche 911 if in Germany it never rains or the car will dissolve. This is a truck for god's sake. I frankly think an FX4 looks better with mud all over it 😜
  9. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    Anything black goes great with Magnetic. I just got my ReTrax cover installed and other trucks are pulling up to take a look.
  10. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    Don’t hold your breath. It has to do with the chassis, which is fixed. Large, two-door crew, 5’ bed. Cramped extended cab, 6’ bed. The chassis also determines the towing capacity. I looked at Tacos, they were anemic. Of course, never say never 😜
  11. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    This is an incredibly gorgeous Ranger...just black on black on magnetic. Like a stealth fighter. Thanks for the ideas; your kids, like all kids, have yet to learn ‘cool’. Teach them. 😜
  12. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    Got my TG BedRug on today, super pleased. All that is left is the Retrax cover to keep it clean and dry.
  13. Audio System "Enhanced" Engine Sound and your Subwoofer

    I've discovered two important facts about this discussion: 1) What happens in the Raptor/Lariat/XLT/etc. does not always translate across trim levels. 2) This is an off-road vehicle. By design, everything has to be tightly tied down. I discovered this (I am such a noob) on Saturday when I did...
  14. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    VKB3Z-2C006-A Be prepared for dealers being clueless about this--not their fault, the whole thing is a kludge by Ford, but in the end it gives you the OEM look and functionality.
  15. Audio System "Enhanced" Engine Sound and your Subwoofer

    The funny thing about that video was that they never showed what it looked like from the headliner side or specifically where it is in the car. That said, it sure does look like what mine might look like from the headliner side. Anybody know if the Ranger headliner is held up by magnets like...
  16. Audio System "Enhanced" Engine Sound and your Subwoofer

    Interesting. I looked for those small round mics after watching an Aussie video on ANC and found none. I did find one larger, rectangular vent-like thing in the headliner right behind the driver seat. I am guessing that is the ANC mic. I plan to put a piece of tape over it and see what happens...
  17. Audio System "Enhanced" Engine Sound and your Subwoofer

    First I thought that video was great, thanks. Second, has anybody done the 'Engine Noise' test discussed in the video? It looks like our Rangers may just have engine noise coming out of the front speakers, so tapping into the rear for a subwoofer should not be an issue. One caveat is the ANC...
  18. Ford licensed TBC Install Instructions

    Looking forward to the pictures of your install. TIA
  19. Ford licensed TBC Install Instructions

    Yep. ...and, as someone pointed out, Ford had some nasty and expensive recalls over fuse panels. You want to talk about a nightmare wiring job, replacing a damaged one, especially the main one under the driver side, is just hell. ...and, as I pointed out, one of Lumens specialities is "plug 'n...