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  1. 4x4 Low starts off in 2nd gear?

    that ridgeline is ugly. might be great driving but I'll never know! that gave me a chuckle
  2. Stuck oil filter

    I stopped buying K&N when they moved manufacturing off shore
  3. You might be a Redneck if...

    Phil you would think any highway patrol seeing this would kick him off the road!
  4. You might be a Redneck if...

    No place for a fifth wheel? no problem
  5. Got rear ended. Show me your rear bumpers

    I wish my ranger had the corner step built into it. I'm getting too old to crawl up on the tail gate.
  6. New Ford

    I've always been a ford guy but I have owned a few GM's an 2 Hondas. Most were pretty good. My taurus wasn't. My ex got a bad transmission in her focus. It's still on the road you just have to deal with it shaking a little when you pull away from a stop. The new escape reminds me of my...
  7. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    an immunization is probably 18 months away. we can't just hide in our basements. People in the at risk category may have to self distance while the rest of us get back to work. it appears to be seasonal like the regular flu so hopefully it is an it will die down soon an we will have a way to...
  8. Buying put on hold.

    IF you're basing that quirky transmission shifting on test rides they smooth out an get better after driving it some an the power train computer getting used to your driving style.
  9. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Clump that mustang looks son in law's brother has a '19 with a whipple charger putting 788 hp to the ground. He installed 1200 HP axles over the winter an is going back to another tune. that black looks great....his does's white with black wheels 335 wide tires in back...
  10. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    you cant just shut down a country!!! agreed. I think an hope after 14 days of seeing how this is going we will figure out what happens next. We have the advantage of seeing what happened in China an Italy an kinda know what to do an what not to do....there will be riots in the streets if they...
  11. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    good luck to all you guys (an gals) getting pinched by this. I deliver mail an we will probably keep going regardless of other shut downs. One of my boys is an engineer for an auto supplier an they are working from home an only working 4 days a week an taking a 20% pay cut
  12. Fuel in oil

    I agree with that. It's been 1200 miles since I had mine in an they corrected the oil level. It hasn't gone up any. In my case I'm hoping it was just the overfill an ring break in
  13. Stuck oil filter

    Glad you got it off. I think we've all had that one that didn't want to budge. I read where a guy on the Harley forum had one so stuck he drove 2 or 3 self tapping screws through the bottom of the oil filter wench (the cap type you use a ratchet on) into the oil filter to keep it from spinning...
  14. The ultimate factory sound system upgrade - thoughts?

    The stock 6 speaker system isn't bad in my ranger but I have the super cab...I didn't realize they were different. I had the sony system in my old focus st with a factory 8" sub an it wasn't bad. I have a sony X5000 on my Harley with a sound digital amp an Hertz speakers an it kicks pretty good...
  15. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    DB check your tire pressure...all 4 of mine were over 40...3 were 42....lowered them to 32 an it helped a little.
  16. NAPA oil

    Not that anyone gives a crap but I plan on running Rotella gas truck 10w30. viscosity seems to stand up better than standard mobile 1.
  17. Cabin Air Filter

    looks a lot easier than it was in my fusion
  18. Eibach PRO-TRUCK LIFT SYSTEM (Stage 1)

    How's the ride with that set up?
  19. Old Man EMU

    I have never owned their product but the ol' YJ jeep crowd loves them. From what the fans of their systems say they match the shock an spring extremely well for the best ride quality in the leaf spring jeeps.
  20. Larger Tires and Speed Correction - Who Has Done it?

    if you don't correct it do you get a code?