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  1. COVID-19 Thread

    Good thought provoking article.
  2. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Perfect for the snow out here. Plus I don't like a wide tire. Old fart syndrome maybe... These were taken early September- there's a foot and a half of snow on the ground now.
  3. Shrockworks Rock Sliders GROUP BUY

    Not surprised actually. I owned a freight company for 30 years prior to retirement. I totally get that things get lost but the way the freight company has handled it (or not handled it) has been pathetic. Lack of customer service has become far more prevalent in the freight industry in recent...
  4. Shrockworks Rock Sliders GROUP BUY

    My order is a sh*t show. Shipped on Nov 26 or so. Got a call from the freight company that set a delivery appt for Dec 11 from 1 to 5 pm. Called to confirm that on the morning of the 11th. They then claim they never received it on their dock. So now I'm out $700 and nobody knows where my sliders...
  5. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Not really sure what the mpg is as I never recalibrated the speedo/odometer from stock other than in my head. Highway mileage (65 mph) shows 23-24mpg but not sure which way that is off with the taller tires. The dealer had the lift/tires already done when I bought the truck. The Toyo's are ok...
  6. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    JoJo, Everything is intact (crash bars, plastic, etc.) and looks like your pics only filthy. Below is a shot of what I think you were looking for. Truck has seen some pretty rough country over the summer- no issues whatsoever.
  7. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Do it. I have the Rough Country 2.5" level kit with Toyo Open Country AT2 at 255/80R17. Plenty of room- no issues and no further mods.
  8. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    I have the Rough Country 2.5" level kit and am running 255/80R17. They are 33". I would think you'll be fine with your setup.
  9. Maxliner / Smartliner Floor Mats

    I put the Smartliners in over vinyl floor in my XL. No need to add the factory retention posts as they are cut well and stay put. May not cover quite as well as Weathertech but they were only $126 for front and back.
  10. Maxliner / Smartliner Floor Mats

    I have an XL with Vinyl floors that do not have the "retention posts" to snap into. Can any of you comment on how the Maxliner might stay put without those posts to lock them in? I see weathertech includes a DIY retention post kit but if the Maxliner fit is tight perhaps they are not needed?
  11. Shrockworks Rock Sliders GROUP BUY

    Ordered. Thanks Hoosier!
  12. Brush Guard

    Thank you. I'm up 2.5 inches in the front and running 33's. I'll probably have to pass on the Bambi Basher (brush guard) as the trails I frequent in the San Juans here in Southern Colorado often require more approach angle than what the Westin will leave once installed. Just have to continue to...
  13. Brush Guard

    I'm hoping someone comes up with one that doesn't sit so low to the ground in front. This Westin is nice but it takes away too much of the approach angle.
  14. Shrockworks Rock Sliders GROUP BUY

    I'm in for a set.
  15. Shrockworks Rock Sliders GROUP BUY

    Hey Hoosier, Do these require drilling?
  16. Those weird sounds

    Thanks to all. It's a little annoying (to me anyway) as it sounds pretty cheesy. I was considering asking the dealer about it but sounds like it's normal.
  17. Those weird sounds

    I wondered if that was just my truck. It's like a "tinny" sounding chime. Annoying. Sometimes when opening the door and other times just when walking by but it's consistent. All the time.
  18. Dean's 3D Printed Ignition Trim Ring Bezel (Build/Buy Thread)

    Quick delivery and installed. It's perfect!
  19. Tire Size and TPMS Recalibration

    Tried searching but not getting anywhere. I'm fine with stock performance so don't really want an engine tune but is there a relatively inexpensive solution available to recalibrate speedo/odometer for tire size and also change the TPMS threshold? The device could tune other things for sure but...
  20. Help with new tire/Leveling selection

    Here you go. Let me know if you need anything different. Full on side view in above post.