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  1. Wannabe Ranger Raptor

    I was casually looking for a bumper and found this. For the price I may have to purchase it.
  2. Wannabe Ranger Raptor

    Finally got the truck in some dirt today to test out the suspension. The Icon suspension did great but nothing that I was super impressed with comparing to higher end systems. I also really dislike the front bumper as it’s doesn’t have enough clearance built into it to actually climb anything...
  3. Buying put on hold.

    yes but at 0% who cares? The truck is already depreciated by the time you drive off the lot. If your gonna keep it that long does it really matter?
  4. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    I work in the health field so I’ll always have job security. Their offering good money to work extra shifts so I’ve been making more money then I ever have. My wife has had her hours reduced in half so the extra money is coming in handy.
  5. Buying put on hold.

    That makes no sense but okay.
  6. Buying put on hold.

    I’d buy now take advantage of that 84 months 0% interest. The tranny has been great on mine except a hard shift on very cold mornings on start up.
  7. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    Now is the time to buy again. 0% for 84 months!
  8. Gas prices?

    1.79 at Costco in NM.
  9. Who Loves Their B&O Sound System?

    I agree. Usually speakers are the first thing to be changed but the stock non BO system has been great.
  10. Got my Husky liners today, they do not fit

    Yup that’s what I ordered. Maybe they accidentally put in the wrong front set. Any pics? I’d call and let them know.
  11. Shrockwork sliders

    ya, the only problem with textured is when they get scratched up you can’t rattle can it to look the same. Once these get scratched up it’s an easy fix.
  12. Shrockwork sliders

    yup, I really like the contrast!
  13. Shrockwork sliders

    Just got mine today. Took about an hour and half to install because the directions aren’t very detailed. But finally figured it out. I think they look great and seem very stout!
  14. Wannabe Ranger Raptor

    Shrockwork sliders installed! Not the easiest directions to figure out but they look good!!
  15. 2019 Ranger Safety Recall - HVAC Blower Motor Issue - Recall 19S34

    Sometimes it doesn’t fix what it’s supposed to. Big deal.I’d much rather have a blower problem then a head gasket problem like Ford did with the Focus RS. Your crying over a blower motor is duly noted.
  16. 2019 Ranger Safety Recall - HVAC Blower Motor Issue - Recall 19S34

    The worst situation being smoke??? Man, I don’t know if you people expect perfect vehicles or what but there’s never been a vehicle that hasn’t needed a recall, service bulletin, or fix at some point. Vehicles are complex and there’s bound to be things wrong. The worst thing Ford could do is...
  17. 2019 Ranger Safety Recall - HVAC Blower Motor Issue - Recall 19S34

    Um, you did read it hasn’t caused any accidents, fires, or injuries right?? It’s a blower recal big deal. You do realize you have a better chance of getting in a accident on your daily drive and blowing up the truck then the blower catching on fire right??Take a chill pill and everything will be...
  18. 2019 Ranger Safety Recall - HVAC Blower Motor Issue - Recall 19S34

    It is a simple recall. Only two months affected and has nothing to do with engine or tranny. Maybe you should get a Tacoma or Tundra with there 2.3 million vehicle recall.
  19. 2019 Ranger Safety Recall - HVAC Blower Motor Issue - Recall 19S34

    ha ha that’s passionate about a simple recall?