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  1. Well, now that the B&P for 2021 is up, ...

    Congratulations! The Tremor in black really looks great. Let us know how it drives....
  2. Is This How The 2.7 EB Really Looks?

    Not sure how this was intended, but since I actually am "a true American excess consumer," I can hardly take offense. Of course I do not need a 2.7 in the Ranger, but it is "never about need, all about want," and I want one. So, Ford, let's make a deal! Put a 2.7 in the next generation Ranger...
  3. Who else turns off Blind Spot Monitoring?

    That "little light" has prevented me from turning in front of oncoming traffic numerous times. As you say, it would be even more helpful, that is, safer for all concerned, if a beeper would sound and/or light would flash on the gauge cluster. So, sure, I leave it on because it is better than...
  4. Is This How The 2.7 EB Really Looks?

    "Unnecessarily large engines" Rock!
  5. Why does Ford not give us these?

    I totally agree. I do not need one to get into the truck, but I sure would like one!
  6. How long to allow someone else to drive your Ranger

    As it happens, my wife does not drive, so no issues in our house. I love driving the Ranger, and I am happy to provide chauffer services anytime she likes....
  7. How long to allow someone else to drive your Ranger

    This is precisely the reason why I do not drive other people's vehicles, and do not allow anybody else to drive mine. In case of accident or error, it is not just the material that is damaged but also the relationships. You can fix a damaged vehicle, most of the time, anyway, but you only lose...
  8. Just picked up the Cactus Lariat with Black Appearance. This thing is sharp.

    "The thing is sharp," as you say! The kids seem to like it, too! Congratulations!
  9. Just picked up the Cactus Lariat with Black Appearance. This thing is sharp.

    Yeah, me too, I want to keep the 2019 until it's paid for and got 100,000 miles on it, but it sure is tempting to see all these new colors and options (probably will get ever harder when the next generation comes in 2023)!
  10. How long to allow someone else to drive your Ranger

    Whoever made up the survey, you need another box to check, one that reads, "over my dead body!" I don't ask to drive other people's vehicles, and I do not let anybody drive my truck.
  11. Help my 'MPG Mission'

    Some members have reported mileage gains with the Velossa Tech Big Mouth. There is a whole thread devoted to it if you are interested. For my part, after my mods, including Ford Performance tune, Ford Performance levelling kit, heavier and more aggressive tires, my mileage tanked (sure, pun...
  12. Cyber Orange Ranger 2021

    It does sort of look like saber, but Saber is more subtle, and I like it, whereas Cyber is over the top, and I hate it! (No offense intended, just my opinion!)
  13. Confidence "Boost"!?

    Hey, Paul, welcome to the forum! I am not much into the technical aspects of the Ranger, but I can tell you that engine noise is not an issue at all: the truck runs quietly enough at any speed to talk normally in the cabin or listen to tunes (or both) without any interference. Note that some new...
  14. Why does Ford not give us these?

    I have seen a number of these overseas, and I totally agree! It is no doubt a marketing decision, as its sales in the U.S. would eat into those of the Explorer, Ranger, Escape, Expedition, Bronco, etc. Still, if Ford did bring them here, I would definitely take a hard look at one, and a long...
  15. Why does Ford not give us these?

    I have no particular interest in this version of the Ranger, and would not even shop one if it were offered here, but it is irksome in the extreme that so many interesting variants of the Ranger, particularly the Raptor, are only available overseas. O.K., it is probably to protect the F150 sales...
  16. Buying a 2021 Lariat Supercrew FX4.... Good deal?

    I have not been following pricing issues since I bought my truck in 2019, but the one in the picture looks great! Cactus grey is a good color for Rangers, as it turns out, and Black Appearance Package looks great on anything! Good luck with your new truck, whichever one you choose!
  17. how do i stop rockin like a boat?

    In my opinion, based on my experience with the truck, all the advice below about tires, air pressure, added load to the bed, driving style, etc. is well intentioned and true enough as far as it goes, but doing any or all of that will only make a marginal difference in the ride, improving it...
  18. Who Has Replaced Their Stock Fog Lights?

    Guys, thanks for all the information and images. I just ordered the RIGID® Off-Road Fog Light Kit from Levittown, along with a few items. Will post with the results....