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  1. Is This How The 2.7 EB Really Looks?

    This. Does my Ranger really NEED a bigger, more powerful engine? Not really. It has more than enough power for a small truck. Would I have bought one with a bigger, more powerful engine if it was available? Absofreakin'lutely
  2. Is This How The 2.7 EB Really Looks?

    Actually 2 sequential turbos mounted inline.
  3. "Check brake system" on 2 day old car

    Lots of us on here would gladly put up with that glitch to get a manual transmission behind our 2.3 EB :like: Lucky Guy!
  4. "Check brake system" on 2 day old car

    So the engine was switched off while in Reverse, and then placed in Park and restarted?
  5. Is This How The 2.7 EB Really Looks?

    This. That's a LOT of hoses and vacuum line that will probably get brittle in several years with the underhood heat of turbos. Having owned a turbo Rx7, I am very well versed (cursed?) in the joys of vacuum lines and heat. Converting the turbos to non-sequential cleans this up a bit. I...
  6. Is This How The 2.7 EB Really Looks?

    I said elsewhere that I may be tempted to trade my Ranger if the new one has the 2.7 EB. However, after seeing this 2.7 image from the Bronco site, I'm not so sure. On Bronco6G they are calling it the Medusa. A fitting name for the mental image it conjures. For those that have a vehicle...

    The 15% loss is just an approximation with multiple variables that is commonly used. With even Dynos giving different readings on the same vehicle (Mustang Dyno vs Dynapack vs Dynojet) it all ends up being an approximation. Most people don't care if the numbers are 100% accurate. They just...
  8. Cut The Cable TV: What Are You Using?

    You're in Detroit area so you can get all of your local channels for $5 from if you want them. Of course, if you're close enough you can get them free with an antenna. I live 50+ miles from Atlanta so an antenna was not an option for me.
  9. Slow Go Camping Build

    That's just great. Another website full of stuff I didn't know I needed.....until now.
  10. Just picked up the Cactus Lariat with Black Appearance. This thing is sharp.

    Very nice! That Cactus color is the bomb! While I like all the new colors and such, the only thing that might make me think of trading mine in is the availability of the 2.7 EB engine. When that is in the Ranger I may have to trade, but I have a big IF. IF the truck is the same size. If the...
  11. How long to allow someone else to drive your Ranger

    Had mine over a year and my wife still hasn't driven it. Both my sons and many friends have but she won't drive it "until I scratch or dent it first". It's not like I'm OCD about it, she just knows I really like it.
  12. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    406 days and turned over 8000 miles today. Still smiling, especially today when the torque allowed me to easily blast past the camper in the mountains.
  13. Fumoto Drain Valve Installation - Concern I Noted

    I just ordered the ValvoMax valve. Does it come with good washers or should I round up some good ones before it arrives?.

    Impressive. Figuring 15% driveline loss, that's 500+HP and 530+TQ. :like:
  15. Disable "urgent message"

    I have iPhone SE 2nd gen running iOS 14.3 All the mentioned alerts are enabled. Running the latest Sync v3.4.20282 Previously had a Galaxy S8 with the latest software. I have never seen those alerts with either phone. I wonder if it's coming from the built in Nav as I've only used that once...
  16. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Made this one just for you :like:
  17. Truxedo Pro X15 vs. Extang Xceed vs. Bakflip MX4 vs. UnderCover ArmorFlex

    Uncontrollable Jealousy can change folks very quickly...