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  1. Any owners with real world fuel economy feedback?

    Like any car between 30 and 50% over the specified consumption. Depending on driving style.
  2. Rear Taillamp

    Not too many Rangers here. So not easy to find. And ones which drive, keep driving...
  3. Under 30EUR front camera set-up with SYNC. Will it work?

    See my thread in build journals. I am posting it here as I cannot see it in the new post threads. Might be my failure though.
  4. Adding front camera to Ranger Raptor Sync display. For less than 30 Euro! Comment please.

    I have thought of a practical sollution to add a front camera to my Ranger Raptor. Have nearly all the parts, but just did not get to install them yet. My sollution is also very install friendly IMO. Please all just comment before I start installing it. And tell me if I am wrong, before taking...
  5. Rear Taillamp

    Loads of them in the chinese internet shop. Just search for ford ranger.
  6. What's your brake pads life span?

    WOW. I will surely have THEM check it out now, thanks for the information!
  7. What's your brake pads life span?

    Thanks that's a great suggestion. I wouldn't be surprised if a bit of mud has started to build up inside. Terrain(mud) is raster sticky after the occasional rain. I also made another post where I mentioned that I had wheel balancing issues due to collecting some mud in the rims. Thanks.
  8. What's your brake pads life span?

    Would you call this excessive for a Built Tough Performance truck?
  9. Constantly getting flashed for brights

    I pressed like, but you understand that it is not for the dangerous situation.
  10. Constantly getting flashed for brights

    Same issue here in Europe, but then again I con look on top of almost any cars roof. Hey the other day a Porsche followed me and when we stopped at a traffic light, he was suddenly nowhere to find. Nor mirrors, neither by looking over my shoulders. LOL.
  11. What's your brake pads life span?

    Exactly, I try to avoid the necessity to scrape them from my hood, and carefully load the remains in a hearse funeral car. Some drivers are real wussus. Hope we can get back to topic now, as I really feel that the whistling sound during breaking isn't normal. Especially on a truck developed...
  12. What's your brake pads life span?

    Yes, I did go to a Ford dealer. And was talking with a very assistive receptionist. Then a sales guy walked in and told me they would need to remove the wheels and on the question if my Ford would give me some kind of warning in the Ford Sync 3 software, he told me to go to my car and check my...
  13. What's your brake pads life span?

    Hi all, Newbie to truck driving here. But what is the average life span of your brake pads? Mine started whisling(indicator) at 7000 miles or roughly 11000km. Note that I admit that I am also far off the average fuel consumption. As I did buy it with the intention to have some fun as well...
  14. What are you guys towing?

    A simple way to check your towbar load is to use a scale under the support wheel. Hook your trailer first and then release the lock while turning your wheel down. That way you also protect your scale from overloading. I would also use a wooden plank to distribute the weight on your scale...
  15. Maximum Tyre size on Ranger Raptor with standard rims?

    Thanks for this inside information. I also had an European Ford Escort in the last century and was lucky to not have this issue. Though it was widely known as a risk. And still was a major concern for many other non Ford owners as well.
  16. 2019 Ranger Raptor Supplement Guide

    Love my Ranger Raptor which I drive since November 2019. Suspension is really a big difference. Only problem I have are the small parking spaces here in Europe. LOL.
  17. Auto Folding Mirror Mod Install Instructions - Pictures/Video

    No problem. EU versions only come with open/close on remote. That's why I got confused. But It shouldn't be too hard to hardwire a solid state relay between the mirror folding contacts. Which operates when either internal light is functioning or engine running. But for the moment it is not a...
  18. Auto Folding Mirror Mod Install Instructions - Pictures/Video

    Do you have remote start in the UK? Mine is EU-spec and doesn't come with remote start. And according to feedback from Ford, it also cannot be upgraded. I would love to be able and get a remote start option too cool my car down in Spain. And meanwhile heat the engine before taking off.
  19. 2-Seater Ranger Raptor in the Netherlands to avoid +100.000EUR(!) price tag.

    Some more pictures. Info comes from Detail of characters do not look great without the gaps in 'R-A-P-R'. So Ranger will only become available in the Netherlands with removed rear seats. And rear side windows replaced by non see-through plastics. The Ranger Raptor without...
  20. 2-Seater Ranger Raptor in the Netherlands to avoid +100.000EUR(!) price tag.

    The cargo area has to be separated from the passenger area. This way the total cargo area is large enough (%) to be registered as a commercial vehicle. Saving on sales and registration taxes. As well as on owners tax. Which is also expensive at 235EUR per month!