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  1. Livernois Tuning released

    Nope, got my e-mail and will get the mycalibrator Friday
  2. Who else turns off Blind Spot Monitoring?

    I kind of like the little yellow light, but in a past life lived in CA and just cut people off before they cut me off.
  3. Damper Mods

    It was a toss up...since a tune and a damper give you the same increase in HP I decided to spend the extra few dollars and order a tune. No wrenching involved to install either. :crackup:
  4. Livernois Tuning released

    Just ordered...can't wait!:rockon:
  5. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    After completing an 1850 mile road trip the smile is still on. 3 passengers and a loaded bed and cab with a headwind on the homebound segment ended up with 21 mpg overall. Got a damn star in the windshield though.😩
  6. Speed sign recognition?

    I set my own speed
  7. Report your MPG

    Longest road trip so far. Cruise set between 74-82 to love NV speed limits!
  8. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    I was a volunteer at this fire tower (Strawberry Peak)
  9. Rats in the engine bay

    What a dipstick!
  10. Fault messages/chimes when driving in salty, slushy conditions

    I haven't experienced that, only the front parking sensors going crazy when covered with snow and ice and I just shut them off. Also, the co-pilot system will warn you it isn't working if the windshield gets dirty or covered in ice(freezing fog).
  11. Mobil quick lube refused to change my oil

    Two. I watched through the window. Cursory inspection for sure.
  12. Mobil quick lube refused to change my oil

    Had "The Works" done this morning ahead of a road trip. In and out in 30 minutes.
  13. Rangers in SNOW

    Have Ranger, no snowplow man needed. 7" is nothing for this truck
  14. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    7 more inches overnight, 17 since Wed
  15. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Frozen Payette Lake
  16. Happy New Year!

    Thank you, have been clearing snow most of the day and just took off the shoes. Yikes!
  17. Happy New Year!

    Can't wait for 2021. Just for kicks I ended this year with a bad sprained ankle to ruin a ski weekend. Happy New Year Ranger owners!
  18. Pleasure Drive

    Cruise through McCall in 2WD on stock Hankooks
  19. What to do during LOCK Down

    Living life just as before.