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  1. Think I Threw a Rod....

    The ECM records how many times the ECM has been reflashed, its been a tell-tale sign since OBDII inception that an ECM likely has been flashed and flashed back based on the counter.
  2. Think I Threw a Rod....

    As a former contract inspector for Ford ESP, this certainly should be a denied claim by Ford, I just don't see any way around it.
  3. Or strut stud broke off

    Depends what you are working on
  4. Ford Performance pack warranty? What does it cover?

    Great tune, been running it for 8k miles now, no issues.
  5. Or strut stud broke off

    Did you use a 3/4 drive impact to torque this?
  6. Turbo blanket for the ranger

    I know its definately not a T4 housing this is a baby turbo on the Ranger.
  7. RAT Stat 170* thermostat

    I would think if there is fuel contaminating the oil in many trucks, we would want to run the higher temps to keep the rings at the correct gap at the higher temps. I don't see how a 20 degree in fuel or timing scaling would do anything useful.
  8. RAT Stat 170* thermostat

    This wont do anything usefull except cost you money for a part you dont need...
  9. Turbo blanket for the ranger

    I am sure there is a PTP turbo blanket that would fit but they are $100+, you would probably have bigger gains changing an air filter after 10k miles.
  10. Mobil quick lube refused to change my oil

    I mean... Mobil has been hurting, they are probably short staffed. They are slashing corporate employee benefits left and right.. I assume its trickling down one way or another.
  11. Beautiful Pictures

    North state CA
  12. What to do during LOCK Down

    I clap till my hands are raw every time I hear another story about a tech company leaving the Bay Area for TX. Enjoy our refugees... :) we will all be happier without them here.
  13. What to do during LOCK Down

    Me and my wife went kayaking down on the central coast, there were a very few people out on the water, but who do we see, one man in a kayak, hundreds of feet from anyone comes kayaking by with a mask on. I just can't even with that guy...
  14. What to do during LOCK Down

    :) Dave, Sounds to me like AZ Costco food court has better "science" then CA Costco food court(its far more woke here). You are right, this cash handling but not touching a Costco hard is even more fuel for things that are "normal" now that make no sense at all. I have had a few times where I...