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  1. Eibach Pro-Truck Lift Kit for 2019 Ford Ranger

    Very nice...that post of mine is so 2019 😆
  2. Fender Flares - All Options (Post your pics plz)

    Thanks Don...AD flares are CAD designed on Ford's surfaces and the fit/finish is first class... :)
  3. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Internet win! 😆
  4. Fender Flares - All Options (Post your pics plz)

    Here you go Jim....Air Design Flares...
  5. Wheel Spacers; Good or Bad?

    I've always been advised not to use anti-seize on wheel studs as they will act as lubricant and allow over torquing at the same ft lb number...correct me if I'm wrong... I followed mounting instructions to use Locktite Red to bolt spacer to hub...I check a week later and they were still at...
  6. Urgent please. Which cyclinder is number 4 on the ranger?

    Try putting the original plug back in and might have a bad plug?
  7. Urgent please. Which cyclinder is number 4 on the ranger?

    That's how I did it too...push in rotate bolt back problems...
  8. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    I did manage to get 3D surface data for our Ranger... 😁
  9. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    I remember disconnecting the plug harness and bolt/stud holding it down to the head...then I rotated the plug unit until the harness end was clear of that fuel line and pulled straight up...
  10. Front Bumper Flag

    When we were at Corolla beach last year, we followed the tourist Hummers into the dunes...interestingly, there was no whip requirement...although I would want that since the path over the dunes are one lane and slowing down would get you was hairy knuckles on the way out when we...
  11. Front Bumper Flag

    I have two whips attached to my RTT rack at the rear...that's pretty typical mounting position...didn't know there's a front whip requirement...
  12. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    If it had to do with fuel line then somehow I didn't need to remove it...
  13. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    I didn't recall having to move any lines to get to the back plug...can you post a pic?
  14. Car wash for the lazy owner

    California duster...magic stick works miracles...we have GREEN dust... 😜
  15. Car wash for the lazy owner experience with Magnetic is completely the opposite... 😜
  16. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    Air compressor is in the bed...still saving up for Shrock hidden winch bumper...and I don't feel the need for improved under armor as I will not be rock crawling...I'll be overlanding 😜
  17. Car wash for the lazy owner

    In the south we have a franchise called Sheetz and most have a touch-less wash...I go for the cheapest $9 wash and it still includes under-body/whole vehicle wash, polish, paint protectant, spotless rinse and blow dry...I don't know what in the formula but it still looks like new...twice a month...
  18. Air stem valve covers

    I installed Valve-Loc caps with seal...
  19. Light Bars??

    And more importantly, their optics are absolute crap so the light doesn't focus onto the road...