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  1. Trailer Camping - What are you towing off road and do you like it?

    I have a Hiker Trailer. 0615201313 by Nate, on Flickr Mine is a highway 5x10 model. Was right around $10 with options, very similar to what the1mrb has. I put a 100Ah LiFePo battery in it this year, as my old AGM was on its last legs. Got a Dometic fridge at an REI garage sale, too, and am...
  2. Ford Ranger Automatic (radar assisted - it works) Braking System saves the day!

    A semi did that to me within about a month of getting my license back in high school. So glad I managed to avoid crashing into something. Within a week of that incident, a police car passing me on the freeway kicked up a 4x8 sheet of something lightweight right at my windshield level. Kinda...
  3. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Installed for me fairly quickly this morning. Maybe 20min, but did require a restart for the "2nd part" of the install, which only took a few sec. New voice recognition function with the beep is now installed and working.
  4. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    I expect this one to take longer. that voice file is a decent bit bigger than the others
  5. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Checked the files on that one. they are all identical to mine, except for the BM file and the associated line in the autoinstall.lst file. Thanks. I'll probably give this a shot tonight.
  6. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    I don't have nav. That's why I started browsing used car listings. PITA to try to find the ones with the same package I have. Lots with Nav, and lots with lower packages than mine. Lots of work to find just one, and it didn't seem to be working.
  7. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Checked another used vehicle VIN that apparently has 302A like mine (this one a Lariat, whereas mine is an XLT), and it also lacks the CM file.
  8. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Yeah, this is happening to me, too. Not sure why I didn't get notifications about recent posts in this thread, so I missed the early talk about the CM file being missing. But mine definitely didn't include it. I re-downloaded today (Ford site still says I have an update available) and while...
  9. Potential "Class Action" Incoming? (Attorney Solicitation I received on 2021/01/07)

    Nah, I didn't think you were overgeneralizing. Just pointing out some of my experiences, both with my friends (and the joke they passed on to me about ambulance chasers), as well as with the should-have-flunked-out-of-law-school lawyer involved in the case against my wife.
  10. Potential "Class Action" Incoming? (Attorney Solicitation I received on 2021/01/07)

    I have a couple lawyer friends. None of them get into this trash. One's an immigration lawyer who helps people file paperwork for green cards, asylum applications, and the various other means for immigrating to the US legally. The other doesn't actually practice law. He does corporate work for...
  11. MTB Bike pad - Which one do you use?

    I dunno how far. Not that my bikes will matter for anyone else. It all depends on the wheelbase length of your bike. The two bikes I carry with it have VERY different clearance distances. Doesn't take so long. You spend more time turning the knob to snug the collet inside the headtube than...
  12. Mobil quick lube refused to change my oil

    My father did a great job of teaching me to HATE wrenching on cars (but I love doing all sorts of other jobs myself, so go figure). I did it when I was younger out of necessity. But nowadays I'm financially secure enough that I can pay someone else to do it. I just won't touch quick lube...
  13. Will a Lincoln dealership service Ford vehicles?

    It's still in the Ford family. You should be fine. Now those 3rd party chain service places....I won't touch 'em anymore. I've had far too many problems with those kinds of places. Let me list the problems. One place put the gearbox fluid in the transmission of my 98 Ranger XLT manual trans...
  14. Overlanding setup for the uncivilized/stealth camper

    My single 17lb dog does a great job of taking up an uncomfortable amount of space. He's not one to sleep by our feet. Nope. He likes to be right about at stomach level, firmly pressed against one or both of us. [charwest, post: 188672, member: 5361"] yeah. the irony is that a lot of the...
  15. Jerking when in 4WD Low

    Aside from the comment about putting the truck in park to get out and spot on a 4wd trail, I don't see why I would ever want/need to park the truck and leave it in 4lo. Definitely not overnight. Regardless of whether it does anything mechanically to the truck or not, leaving it makes it too easy...
  16. Strange "bucking" when coming to a stop - have you experienced this?

    Yeah, I've noticed this. It seems to happen under a fairly specific combination of braking after applying gas. I don't consider it a problem.
  17. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Meh. I hope it's not too much worse than 3.3. I normally just listen to regular radio stations or occasionally stream Spotify through my Android phone. But my music resides on an early ipod touch that's probably 12yrs old at this point. hence, no carplay. truck reads it just as a regular usb...
  18. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Put in your usb stick again and give Sync another go at it. Mine finally wrote the XML file.
  19. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Went back out to the truck, plugged in the USB, Sync read it, but didn't do the key cycle stuff. Pulled the USB and plugged the USB into the computer, and it wrote the xml this time (which has now been submitted to Ford). Didn't have to do anything weird. Just put the usb in for another check...
  20. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    Yes. I received the popup, and then the Sync display turned off and stayed off. I pulled the USB at that point, then re-started the truck.