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  1. Truck Cap / Topper Attic

    Awesome. I’m looking to do a full attic net, so I get your point about wanting to go the route you went. It’s a great setup for what you are using it for. Thanks for all the info and links. Much appreciated.
  2. Truck Cap / Topper Attic

    I’ll have to look into that. That’s another good option. Keep us posted!
  3. Truck Cap / Topper Attic

    One other question. Do you remember which JB Weld application you used?
  4. Truck Cap / Topper Attic

    Yup! This is exactly what I was after. I didn't want to drill into my cap so the JB Weld is a nice alternative. I hadn't thought about that. Very helpful. Thank you!
  5. Truck Cap / Topper Attic

    Is anyone running an attic netting in their truck cap / topper. I'm looking to store my sleeping bag, pillows, and other lightweight items there.
  6. Ford Performance and ARB to Co-Develop Off-Road Parts Starting W/ Winch-Ready Bumper for Ford Ranger

    Same here. My other two rigs had winches in them but I had to make adaptions to one of them (still have that rig). The summit bar for the Ranger is top notch. The winch access doors are great and I love that they provide a cover if you aren’t running a winch.
  7. Ford Performance and ARB to Co-Develop Off-Road Parts Starting W/ Winch-Ready Bumper for Ford Ranger

    I was actually starting to ask myself the same question because I have another big trip planned out West and need to put one on! Planning on hitting up some nice high clearance tracks in various states.
  8. High clearance rear bumper?

    That’s a start! It’s a good looking bumper for that style set up. I’d love to see some hi-lift Jack points and the rear stick out a bit more to fit a swing out tire carrier. The extra rear poke would also make it easier to stand on for accessing toppers with racks, or for placing gear on (or a...
  9. Wheels + Offset + Tire Size Thread Pictures

    No rubbing at all in any terrain.
  10. Wheels + Offset + Tire Size Thread Pictures

    I can’t foresee needing to cut into the wheel well, but the backspacing and/or offset will be something to pay attention to; don’t want that working against you. Hopefully other members can chime in about their experiences.
  11. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Great set up. Wheels look sharp.
  12. Wheels + Offset + Tire Size Thread Pictures

    . Most of the 3” lift packages I see online recommend a 33” tire. However, I’m sure there are guys in this forum that have made it work with a 34” or 35” tire. What wheel and tire package will you run?
  13. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    The Patrol is a 4.2L diesel.
  14. Post your mileage loss with larger tires

    15.6 MPG with 295/70/R17 BFG KM3s on a 3.5' lift. Last time I posted manufacturer specs for my wheels I got all kinds of responses about how I was wrong, so all the other details asked for, interested members can look it up on their own. I have additional weight on my rig that affects my...
  15. What to do during LOCK Down

    Hey Steve! Thanks for your kind words! Yes, I always camp with my two dogs. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a German Shepherd. The Ridgeback rides in the back seat and sleeps in the swag with me, and the GSD rides and sleeps in the truck bed. On some nights, the three of us sleep in the truck...
  16. What to do during LOCK Down

    Thanks for the support! And I agree, lots of great rigs on this forum.
  17. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    I imported my Nissan Patrol from Guatemala. It was delivered Dec 24. Ford made a Patrol twin called the Ford Maverick, only sold in Australia (and NZ, I believe). So I took pics of both together. Thinking maybe I’ll rebrand the Patrol with Ford. Either way, not many people know about the Patrol...
  18. Decked w/ Topper

    That’s great to know! Thanks for taking the time to post! I think I’ve been convinced!l that it can work for me.
  19. Decked w/ Topper

    Yea that looks great! Love it!
  20. Decked w/ Topper

    That actually looks roomier on top of the Decked than I originally thought. I’d like a drawer system but I don’t want to lose the option of sleeping in the back of the truck, which includes two large dogs.