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  1. Anyone try these yet??

    This must be an FX-4 thing. I did not have anything blocking on my 2wd XLT. It took longer to get on the ground than to change both fog lights. Come to think of it, it took me longer to change both front turn signals with switchbacks than it did for both lows and fogs. Those turn signal sockets...
  2. Exhaust Tips

    I ordered one from Amazon Warehouse deals. It was like $9 shipped to my door. It does have a small chip inside (see picture), but some matte black paint and you would never know. Here is the link: DC Sports EX-1011B Performance Bolt-On Resonated Muffler Tip with Clamps and Adapters for Universal...
  3. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    Glad the information helped. Depending on the tab you may not have to worry about it. Good luck!
  4. what is this clip in the center console box for?

    I was so curious about this I went down two flights of stairs at 10 pm just look. Lol
  5. Parallel parking

    Wait, no one here was taught how parallel park using the forward method? It is, IMO, much easier than the backing method. I was taught both in driver’s education 24 years ago. Wow, it’s been 24 years. 😧
  6. Warranty will be void. (leveling kit content)

    Both dealers near me said my Eibach kit would not effect my factory warranty at all. They said would not cover the parts though, which I totally understand that. I agree with others find another dealer.
  7. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    I am going to paint mine red so I am only going to get +5 if the wind is behind me +6 and if I got the wind and downhill +7. 😜
  8. WxNerd2015's Hot Pepper Red FX4

    The build is looking good and very cute pupper. I miss having dogs around. Since my girl Mya passed two years ago, I can’t bring myself to buy another dog. She was the coolest husky I had ever met and super protective of me. Maybe it is time to rescue a new friend.
  9. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Hmm... they changed the jersey to Raiders from the Golden Knights. I like the Golden Knights jersey better. Vegas is like my second home (my sister lives there).
  10. HenryMac's Build Thread: 2019 Ranger XL STX FX4 Magnetic Super Cab

    Those are some amazing views. I wish I had views like that near me.
  11. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    I have a long way to go to catch you all. I bought it in July.
  12. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Well sh*t, I wish I would have known I could request a discount code. I literally just bought two things early this morning. Maybe you help with part numbers for all four door handles and the tailgate handle preferably the primer ones as I am looking to paint them.
  13. Silly and/or useful hacks

    I have a small width garage, so I had to find a solution to protect my doors when they accidentally hit the wall. I mounted pool noodles cut in half to the wall as a protective layer. I don’t really have the problem with the Ranger like I did with my challenger, but I left them up anyways. I...
  14. Magnetic FX4 - OEB's First Build

    Thanks, I figure that was probably the case. Sadly, I do not think the dealers in my area have an auto body repair or a paint shop. Maybe I will try to do it myself. I learned years ago to paint. I hope it's like riding a bike. 😆
  15. Magnetic FX4 - OEB's First Build

    Just curious where you got the color-matched door handles? I have had zero luck finding anything but the matte black I already have. Mine are sun-faded after only a few months. I would prefer color-matched ones.
  16. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    I see a lot of beautiful nature pictures. I live in a civic center so all I see are buildings. So here is one from my buddies backyard in Florida last summer (2019).
  17. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    I am curious about this as well. To me the pictures look like they are black in some and magnetic in others. The Ford performance website says they are Dyno Gray.
  18. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Same here, I live downtown just off Fulton St. I haven’t been up there is a few years. I was planning on going to Hume this past summer until COVID-19 hit.
  19. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    When was this? It sure doesn’t look that clean right now. The smoke is nuts right now.
  20. Ecoboost Emblem on Tailgate (Not used anymore)

    I am going to put either red or black inserts in mine. I cannot decide.