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  1. Black Lug Nuts

    Hey guys I have a 2020 ranger with black wheels and chrome lug nuts I remember reading a thread about buying black lug nuts. Does anyone know that thread or just be able to give me a link to buy black lug nuts. like I said I know there’s. Thread about this but I couldn’t find it. Thanks
  2. Running board Scratch.

    Problem fixed. what I did was use the wives finger nail polish and used it for the thickness. Then I used a black paint pen. It’s still noticeable but u have to look very hard
  3. Running board Scratch.

    Ya I tried that but it appears the paint is powered coated so there’s a thickness issue.
  4. How to paint Ford tailgate emblem

    I know the color but what/makes it?
  5. Engine cover Bolts

    Don’t laugh but how do I do that
  6. Engine cover Bolts

    Yes please
  7. How to paint Ford tailgate emblem

    What color?
  8. Running board Scratch.

    Hey guys. Today my buddy dropped a hammer getting it out of my truck. Luckily it didn’t hit the truck but It did it the black running boards. Not the plastic step area. It hit metal. Anyways there’s a scratch that just chaps my———. I know it was a accident but it happens. Is there a paint for...
  9. WxNerd2015's Hot Pepper Red FX4

    Mine came stock with them on there . Bought it brand new
  10. How to paint Ford tailgate emblem

    Just order one. U can get them from Amazon . And not have to worry about painting it
  11. How to paint Ford tailgate emblem

    Looks nice.
  12. Touch up paint for saber?

    Any ever need any true matching paint. Hit me up. I sell paint that matches the truck. 2 oz cost $10. Just need ur paint number
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Where do I get one?
  14. Pin Hole in Muffler

    Thanks guys. That’s what I thought but just wanted to make sure.
  15. Pin Hole in Muffler

    Hey guys has anyone notices a water or air coming from the very back of the muffler today my friend and I noticed water dripping from it today and I stuck my hand down there and I can feel air. I called the dealer and the said this is normal. Just curious how many rangers have this or is this a...
  16. Engine cover Bolts

    Thx pal thanks for clearing that up for me. I hate ordering things and then it be wrong etc
  17. Engine cover Bolts

    Hey guys I been studying on buying a engine cover for my ranger . Why it did not come with one I Dont Know. Anyways I found the thread on here where to get one but I haven’t found where or what size bolts I will need to buy can someone point me in the right direction with the right parts.
  18. Towing Reciever

    Hey guys my truck didn’t come with towing package which makes me highly mad. I work in construction and I need to pull trailers. I called a off road truck accessories place near me and the wanted $650 to buy and install the hitch reciever . I researched on Amazon and found some from $115 - $250...
  19. Dash rattling.

    I read the forum and thanks for sharing . But like I stated I know mine is the defrost panel cause I can replicate the sound by hitting bump etc . When I place my hand over the panel and hit the bumps - no sound let go. Sound is back?
  20. Dash rattling.

    I know it’s my defrost panel. It can rattle and I will put my hand on it and it will stop. My question is WHY. It’s a new truck