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  1. Has Anyone Extended The Axle/Transfer Case Breather Lines? Is It Necessary?

    It should be on top with an offroad vehicle. Ford did us a dis-service putting it at the very bottom, moreso than the Aussie one that is at least half way to safety.
  2. Possible brake issue

    Hydraulics are not magic. Unless there is a baloon on the system, or a pretty massive leak, they will maintain pressure. I suppose it could be found that the calipers are being pulled away from the rotor and you need to push them back down, but I'd think that would be a pretty significant defect.
  3. Plant Shutting Down Temporarily!

    Brakes are F-ed they just ground them down for the 5th time, they have replaced thus far in the rear: The rotors, the pads, one halfshaft, an oil seal, and turned the rotors down 5x. I'm over it entirely.
  4. Possible brake issue

    That's air in the master or brake lines. It's criminal to send out a vehicle like that, and even more criminal for them to not immediately bleed the brakes when you come in, and more criminal yet if it's more than one truck that has this problem.
  5. Plant Shutting Down Temporarily!

    I literally just setup a buyback... I hope I can find what I want on a lot somewhere close...
  6. Trail Control and Weird Noise

    It's the ABS pumps automatically controlling the brakes, Who says "maintenance store" are you an AI from another planet? EDIT: I'm in a pissy mood today, and not paying attention to my spelling See below... :)
  7. Shrockwork sliders

    So if you made the rules, you’d be correct. I’m certain you could work out a fair compensation deal with the forum masters if you were building some obscure part. I made billiard ball shifters for focus st’s and sold them on the forum without so much as a peep from administration. also rock...
  8. Shrockwork sliders

    You need to pay the vendor tax which I believe they have not done, so the “vendor” isn’t considered a vendor in this situation. Still the rules.
  9. Ford Performance

    2 words. 1. Lasik 2. Gambling (for money obviously)
  10. Shrockwork sliders

    That address is also the same as the UPS store :) Someone figured out how to make money by selling ads and facilitating the sale of car parts. I say more power to them! Though I doubt a single forum covers it's own expenses.
  11. Raptor Diff in USDM Ranger?

    That makes sense. The Raptor F150 has a factory LSD up front, I was thinking the Ranger Raptor may have an LSD factory. If by "the same as our housing" do you mean, physical size and shape or do you mean guts included are the same (meaning no LSD in the Raptor Ranger)?
  12. Bad plugs

    Mine "cares", he just cares about getting me in for overpriced oil changes and tire rotations.
  13. Shrockwork sliders

    I don't disagree with what you stated, however, vendors do make up a non-insignificant revenue stream in addition to ads. AdBlock doesn't take away Vendor revenue. I also don't disagree with the group buy statement, but unfortunately "Them's the rules"
  14. Shrockwork sliders

    Unfortunately Forums don't pay for themselves, vendors do. The gear that this thread is talking about looks awesome, I'd like to see them pay their vendor dues to get a proper group buy going. 595 isn't that bad for a set of decent steel sliders, but I'm sure a proper group buy on this forum...
  15. Mesh networking, need some advice

    Precisely why I did not recommend mesh anything. Someone said they had 3 wired Ubiquiti and 2 Mesh ones, I'd suspect they perform fairly well, but there is truly no replacement for a hard wired connection be it copper of glass. The Ford test track in Deerborn MI has some mesh nodes. They work...
  16. Raptor Diff in USDM Ranger?

    My point is I can probably get an OEM Torsen for cheaper than going ARB with the added cost of the compressor, inconvenience of figuring out where to place it, and having to mess with it. I like the idea of having the compressor, just not everything that goes with it. The OEM one is probably...
  17. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    You can, but they will charge you 40$ for the USB stick, and whatever their hourly rate is for roughly an hour labor.
  18. Trailer wiring and connector

    I have used the same method described with xacto knives or if you don't want to burn anything you could go around it with a small sharp wood chisel until it pops out, then clean up the edge with a razor knife. I personally used the "Open my wallet and buy factory equipped tow package truck"...
  19. Mesh networking, need some advice

    Bump because I'm not sure Edits show up as new posts in notifications.
  20. Trailer wiring and connector

    A About 8 posts up, someone recommends a hot utility knife (heated by propane torch).