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  1. Think I Threw a Rod....

    I just can't for us to get more details. Lots of speculation right now... I really hope OP gets us some more facts.
  2. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    You literally said yourself you are making an assumption. I can upgrade the brakes on a tacoma with ease, can you add port injection to the 2.3l easily?
  3. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    A pride issue? You know what they say about making assumptions... Try the lack of port injection. I own a 2020 Ranger and have had nothing but good experiences. Doesn't mean I'm not concerned about the 2.3L longterm.
  4. Write up on new Bronco 😳

    6' tall people can sit in the front and rear seats in the Bronco Sport with some extra space. It has way better rear seat space than competitors. Seats don't fold flat though, which is a killer for me.
  5. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    That’s a shame. I’ll be looking at a Tacoma or Frontier for my next truck then.
  6. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    2.7L or bust... It's all but guaranteed though, right? If the Bronco has it, why wouldn't the Ranger?
  7. Mobil quick lube refused to change my oil

    It took them over an hour to change the oil on a Ranger? Sounds like they are in the wrong business. I don't like saying this, but seems like a combination of stupid and lazy.
  8. Pizza cutters (255 85 16)

    I run the same size, but on a 17. I think the rubbing is tire dependent. I run AT3Ws and removed my front crash bars.
  9. January 2021 Consumer reports, just received

    If someone gave me a Gladiator, I'd turn around and sell it. In no way can I believe it's more reliable than a Honda/Toyota/Ford
  10. Who has the 4X2 Rangers

    2WD with a rear locker here. Been off-roading all over the place and have never gotten stuck. Unless it’s deep mud or a rock crawling situation, you’ll be absolutely fine.
  11. Upper control arms

    Another for ICON tubular UCAs. I like them
  12. Would you buy a PowerBoost Ranger?

    Source? I haven't heard anything like that... would be great though
  13. Would you buy a PowerBoost Ranger?

    Yes. Yes, I would. I'm hoping for different engine options next-gen. 2.3L, 2.7L, and the Powerboost would be a compelling line-up. Realistically, we are probably going to end up with the 2.3l plus the 2.7L, since that's going in the bronco. I'd think it almost impossible that the Powerboost...
  14. Topper Shell

    Not exclusive to the Ranger. Every truck and topper I've owned has mounted the same way. Handles the weight fine.
  15. Borne Off-Road Snorkel R&D Thread

    Just thought of this: How will this work in conjunction with the mishimoto intake (which I have) vs the stock one?
  16. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Had some fun in the snow
  17. Decked w/ Topper

    Spent about 7 days sleeping with the Mrs in the back of the truck when we were in Green Mountain National Forest. If it's just you and two dogs, I think you'd be fine with a drawer system.