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  1. Widebody Ranger
  2. Worth living in the US in the future?

    Don't bring plastic straws.
  3. Coastal DIY bumpers seem like a lot of work

    Wow, got to cut your bed and weld yourself seem like a lot of work.
  4. Dash and console applique

    Being in Maine I just let the truck warm up for awhile. Had no problems.
  5. Job, what do you do

    Worked for the Federal government as public works electrician (after being an aviation electrician in the Navy) untill the base in work at closed. VA determined im 100% disabled after heart surgery due to service connected issues. Sort of semi-retired now.
  6. Fox 2.0 or Eibach?

    I've it, rides and looks much nicer.
  7. Fox 2.0 or Eibach?

    I went with Fox 2.0 all around since they were designed for and on the Ranger and also a Ford part so no future warranty issues.
  8. Dash and console applique

    Doesn't seem to be an issue.
  9. Why does Ford not give us these?

    I was referring to Explorer sales in U.S.
  10. Why does Ford not give us these?

    Maybe don't want to hurt Explorer sales?
  11. Yet another European Ranger
  12. Anyone else keep accidentially putting their truck in 4H?

    It's never happened to me or the wife (unless she's afraid to tell me) and I like the location. Guess since it seems to be common a tougher to turn switch might have been a better design. I'm only 5'5" and the wife 5' so maybe less of a problem for smaller people?
  13. Front Proximity Sensor

    I had one go off only once but I'm in Maine and it was covered with slush.
  14. Why does Ford not give us these?

    That would be handy.
  15. Why does Ford not give us these?

    Not my cup of tea either but why do we get the short end on all these models is the question.
  16. Why does Ford not give us these?

    I was kinda thinking something along those lines as the F150 Raptor is not available in other markets. Hell, it wouldn't even fit on many European streets.
  17. Why does Ford not give us these? Why do they keep making nicer Rangers unavailable to North America?
  18. Sensor? on interior rear door handle

    It's the government, they are spying on you.
  19. Bronco pickup?