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  1. Widebody Ranger

    All the above ☝🏻
  2. Bed Lights

    I'd love to see how these fit when you get a chance. I'm about to start the same project for my truck.
  3. Think I Threw a Rod....

    Good thing it’s not up to you. The MM act will ensure they have to prove that his tune was at fault. I hope it turns out well for you OP. Keep us posted.
  4. Off road Meetup Land Between the Lake 2/19-2/21

    Bumping this. Land Between the Lakes is in Southwest Kentucky for anyone not familiar. We will be hitting most of the tougher roads but NOT the OHV park as I have the only truck in the group with any armor. With that said, a stock truck would probably be just fine and we have plenty of recovery...
  5. Is This How The 2.7 EB Really Looks?

  6. Off road Meetup Land Between the Lake 2/19-2/21

    We really need a meet up section. The local sections aren’t laid out well for a regional meetup like this. Anyways, me and three of my buddies are heading down to LBL on the weekend on 2/19-2/21 to hit the trails and do some camping. Taking half day Friday to drive down but no wheeling on...
  7. Ecoboost Emblem

    Interesting, all I know is your Ford emblem is sick. You get it from the eBay seller who is well known for painting them?
  8. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    That’s absolutely correct and I was not talking about tugging the fuel line connector. I was talking about the clip that’s on top of the bolt holding the coil in. Looks like that’s #2 in your pic above. The coil will slide right past the attached fuel line.
  9. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    Give it a little tug. The plastic clip holing the line just pops off.
  10. Soft Shackles

    I use and really like gator jaws from bubba rope. Make sure you get 7/16”.
  11. Borne Off-Road Snorkel R&D Thread

    I understand and can see the validity in that for racing and commercial applications. Would that be an ideal solution? Likely so. However, these are consumer products aimed at improving reliability at a consumer price point. As such, they do offer SOME protection from water and dirt ingress...
  12. Borne Off-Road Snorkel R&D Thread

    These aren’t tractors, they’re trucks. Do you even off road or are you just trolling the thread?
  13. NICE Loaner Car from the Ford Dealer

    We just got my wife a new escape hybrid titanium a couple months ago. Traded in a ‘17 explorer sport (which was awesome) but I didn’t expect much. Turns out is a damn nice vehicle and really nice to drive.
  14. 35" tires with a 3" Suspension Lift?

    I don’t know the answer to the first question, I’m not sure if anyone has really done the homework. I’m too cautious though so until someone has a regear kit that specifically says it’s made for us, I’ll stay put. No, I plan to move up to 285/75-17 which are around 33.9”, that’ll be more than...
  15. 35" tires with a 3" Suspension Lift?

    I think it's rarely talked about because there aren't any parts or info out there yet. As soon as someone has a kit I'll certainly be regearing.
  16. 35" tires with a 3" Suspension Lift?

    I wish I could help but I'm going strictly off the information in another thread and it doesn't have any testing info with 305s. If I had to guess, you would have rubbing with articulation with that size tire. However, if you're wanting that wide of a tire then presumably you don't do any heavy...
  17. Shrockworks Stock Bumper Winch Mount

    Easy fix, I have those options too.
  18. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    Stock plugs were fine for me too til they weren’t. You’ll know, especially if you’re tuned... But the step colder made it run much smoother. Don’t know what you don’t know.
  19. HoosierT's Lightning Blue Ranger Build

    It was 1/8”. Being tubing, 1/8” was plenty thick for high strength.
  20. 35" tires with a 3" Suspension Lift?

    I’d love to know if 34s or 35s rub at full articulation. My 33s have zero rubbing in any position but I’d love to go up in size when it’s time for new tires. Edit: Nvm, found the answer in Andy's thread. Planning to go up to 285/75-17 on the next go. 1.1" bigger without having to go down to...