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  1. Think I Threw a Rod....

    It almost sounded like it was some sort of oil issue (oil pressure warning right before it melted down). Not sure how a tune would affect that? Maybe an oil pump failure? It will be interesting to hear what the eventual cause was.
  2. Think I Threw a Rod....

    FYI, I merged the three threads a few mins ago.... As a general FYI, please don't post the same content in multiple forums and/or threads.
  3. A Pillar grab handle on new Ranger

    Nope - the early drawings (even the B&P tool) showed a driver side one, but it was deleted before production started I believe. Mine was built in March of 2019 (near the beginning) and it does not have one on the driver side.
  4. A Pillar grab handle on new Ranger

    Yes, but I'm making the assumption (maybe incorrectly) that it would be the same for a LH drive - I think the difference is the ROTW Ranger. I could be wrong, but I'd bet that it will be the same. Anyone feel free to experiment and try it out and prove me wrong! :)
  5. A Pillar grab handle on new Ranger

    It looks like it was made for the ROTW Ranger, not the NA one. Someone tried to fit a ROTW grab handle to the driver side a while back and it didn't fit at all. So my guess is that this won't fit either.
  6. Anyone else getting a lot of paint chips on their ranger?

    The hood is aluminum. I have not had any dents, however I have had a few chips.
  7. DIY Pre-Cut Paint Protection film kits

    I think PPF is very different than vinyl letters. The flat spots for PPF are easy to do - it is the compound curves that are the difficult areas - getting the film to adhere completely around all the curves is where a pro has the upper hand I think. That is what takes experience to do well...
  8. DIY Pre-Cut Paint Protection film kits

    As one who has done the PPF as a DIY project, I would recommend having a professional do it. While mine didn't turn out bad, there are spots I didn't get adhered properly and now have black spots (where dirt has adhered to the adhesive.). It took me several hours to do basically the front of...
  9. Confidence "Boost"!?

    Just to add to the chorus - I've had my truck coming up on 2 years now- almost 18,000 miles and had zero issues. I love this truck! Is it perfect? No, but nothing is perfect. It is probably my favorite vehicle that I've ever owned.
  10. 2 annoying things i noticed after 1st week with new Ranger

    The starter has been engineered for more start cycles - It honestly should not be a concern. If the starter fails prematurely, it is defective and will fail with A.S.S. enabled or not.
  11. How about some Jokes

    Wow! that is a LOT of duct tape!!!! But it did make me laugh!
  12. Things I saw at the dealership today.

    I see dealers doing that when inventory is low - fill up the lot by keeping LOTS of space between vehicles. Conversely, when they have lots of inventory, they pack them in full, with very little space between vehicles.
  13. Well, now that the B&P for 2021 is up, ...

    If you get X-Plan you will pay less than MSRP. When I bought mine, I got almost a 10% discount off MSRP - between incentives and X-Plan. IMO, No one should pay MSRP for any vehicle.
  14. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    For me, all the other files were exactly the same (names and sizes) as what I downloaded over a week ago. It was just missing the one file. My theory on why it keeps telling me that there is an update available is that although I've updated MOST of the files, since I didn't get that one file...
  15. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    I just downloaded for the VIN that @UofMEngineer posted earlier and got a new zip that included all 6 files. The other 5 are identical in size to what I got - it just includes the 5UST-14G391-CM.tar file in it. @UofMEngineer - if I want to install this, do I need to update the...
  16. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    I just re-downloaded it a few mins ago and I still only get 5 files. I'm missing the 5UST-14G391-CM.tar file
  17. Raspberry Pi based vehicle monitor

    Another very interesting project. I took at look at the developer page and there was this comment: Did you get that binary? This might be a side project I could get into honestly.....
  18. Mobil quick lube refused to change my oil

    I do all my oil changes on the ground - and I have to disagree - the oil filter isn't a pain - you turn the tires to the passenger side and it is very easy to get to after you remove those three "screws" for the rubber flap. It is one of the easier oil filters to remove that I've had to deal...
  19. FORScan Modifications

    There are quite a few items from the F-150 spreadsheets that apply to the Ranger - not all for sure, but it is definitely not NONE.