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  1. RSI SmartCap - New Product!

    Anyone else have issues with leaks from the vent? It rains a lot here and a shell is pointless if it leaks from the top!
  2. Cyber Orange Ranger 2021

    It looks way different than Saber to me. Saber looks much better on the Ranger than the cyber orange. Did they change the red again? Maybe it’s because it’s next to the orange one, but that red does not look like my Rapid Red.
  3. What has been the most useful mod you've installed? Or most useful upgrade?

    I really like the door edging to prevent scuffs, the Wolf Haus bed wiring kit, and my BAK revolver. I ordered an RSI top but now wondering if I should have just kept the tonneau! I got it for cheap because the clips were broken but I fixed it and it looks and works great!
  4. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    A friend once asked me, if you loan a friend $20 but you never see him again, did you really lose anything? how much is it worth to you to find out what kind of person they really are? I hope your story reaches out locally so, at the very least, the dealer doesn’t do it again. They lost out on...
  5. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    Definitely look at your contract and the line items on there. You agreed to that amount for the truck and they allowed you to take the keys and take it home. If there is an error, they were the ones that messed up so they should be the ones fixing the mistake, not you. I spent hours in the...
  6. Bedside Racking - Finally!

    That’s my concern too.
  7. Adjusting preload on Fox 2.0 coilovers

    Bummer, would have been easier to just keep it on the truck. Thanks for the info!
  8. Adjusting preload on Fox 2.0 coilovers

    I know this is an old thread but I’m looking into increasing my height as well. Any formula on how much to adjust (number of turns? I read somewhere .5” of turns=1” of lift). Does the coilovers need to be removed to be adjusted or can I do that while it’s still on the truck?
  9. RSI SmartCap - New Product!

    Looks like you’re on a Star Destroyer!!!
  10. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Our local volcano started erupting so I jumped in the Ranger to take a look! This is the Halema’uma’u crater on the Kilauea volcano. After the 2018 eruption that took over hundreds of homes, The crater started to grow a lake on the bottom last year. After a few earthquakes today, it seems magma...
  11. Would you buy a PowerBoost Ranger?

    I agree, FOrD tends to neglect the middle child. I think it would be a mistake to not introduce hybrids for all their vehicles.
  12. Would you buy a PowerBoost Ranger?

    Yeah, I saw that F150 and drooled. Would be great to have a hybrid and generator offered for the Ranger!
  13. RACE RED XL STX 4x4 2020 100,000 mile power train and bumper to bumper

    your 4x4 ranger is plenty good enough without the doodads of the fx4 package for the kind of offroading it sounds like you want to do. I think it’s important to test yourself and your rig before you start modding anyway. Just take it slow, get out and check the obstacles before you hit them, and...
  14. Happy Holidays!

    Mele Kalikimaka! Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!
  15. RSI SmartCap - New Product!

    that’s terrible for such an expensive product. Everything should have been designed for the truck. Did the RSI company advise you that you’ll need to splice?
  16. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    I think it looks great and will have a niche- people who think that the current midsized trucks are too big, unrefined, and “trucky” but still want an open bed for dirty gear or the odd furniture or appliance. Most people I see with trucks never take it off road and I never see them use the bed...
  17. ReadyLift Intrusion Beams

    Thanks for the pics. That does look far out- a bit too much for me too, so at least I have a better idea of what kind of offset I want when I start changing the tires and wheels.
  18. 4H on wet pavement?

    Pavement can be slippery and require 4hi, especially if there is a significant grade, but be very careful as others noted you can cause lots of problems to your drivetrain if you have too much traction. We actually have paved roads that require us to engage 4lo because of steep grades. In my...
  19. ReadyLift Intrusion Beams

    I’m curious to see how much your tires stick out past your fenders. Can you take a head on pic? I wish ford designed their crash bars to allow more tire/rim options. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that people will want to lift and install bigger tires!