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  1. Think I Threw a Rod....

    Pass the popcorn. 🍿
  2. Very Short Battery Life?

    Hey Chris - similar thing happened with my truck within six months. Other posters have mentioned this as well. Not “common“ but not unheard of. Sometimes, you end up with a bad battery. Ford replaced it no problem. Just remind your service advisor that they have to identify the battery as “new”...
  3. Post your mileage loss with larger tires

    Really not concerned - taller, wider, heavier tires, 2-1/2” level, steps, flares, 6’ canopy, air dam delete - more drag than Ru Paul.
  4. Rangers in SNOW

    That’s a rain/snow mix at best. Yesterday I was lamenting how AZ had more snow than Toronto. What a difference a day makes. Today, I think I removed more snow from my own sidewalks than fell in Green Valley!
  5. Spare tire lift chain binding

    I jacked up my ‘01 Ranger to replace a leaky brake line (corrosion) and noticed my spare was missing. I cursed the thieves who stole it and then realized there was no chain, no hanger and no mechanism - the only thing that was there was part of a rusty, flaky bracket. At some point, it rusted...
  6. Truck Cap / Topper Attic

    Hey Vince, You might be able make the interior anchor points of your topper’s roof tracks double as anchors for a net like Matt is using. I’m thinking of doing that with my Rhino Rack. I don’t have tracks but direct mounts for the legs. completely possible on mine, thinking it might be the same...
  7. Introduction/Question

    Too funny. Reminds me of a guy I knew when I lived in Vancouver. He had a brand new Infiniti with full leather interior - he was so proud of it. He made a trip to Home Depot and bought some 8’ mouldings, threaded them through the open front passenger window, between the front seat backs, and...
  8. Introduction/Question

    Not too many folks around here will suggest you don’t get a Ranger. 😃 If you’re a SuperCab fan, hold out for what you want and search hard. I’ve heard the screw is a little bit heavier than the scab but to the average non-Motor Trend professional test/review driver (you, me, and everyone else...
  9. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    You have more hail on your outdoor kitchen countertop than there is snow in all of Toronto - even the stuff the Zamboni dumped behind the neighbourhood hockey rink has melted.
  10. New Ranger owner from Arizona!

    Congratulations - you’ll be fighting over who gets to drive this truck in no time. btw - you have more snow beside your Ranger than we have in all of Toronto, Canada.
  11. A Pillar grab handle on new Ranger

    Good point - this is a European model, right - a Wilktrack, I think? No upper dash tray either. ROTW Ranger owners are fortunate because Ford makes a left and right-hand steer version for those markets and if they want a grab handle on both sides, they can order it.
  12. utility/cargo trailer conversations to campers

    That’s such a great idea Arly - hunting hut, fishing hut, waxing hut, camper, etc. Looks like that propane tank is for your heater.? Man, you’re set. Ever thought of building a removable deck above the 6x6 for gear, cots, or other stuff? Something you could tear down and stow when you get to...
  13. Headliner sagging

    This is such an annoying situation. You have to wonder if the dealership had a technician (mechanic) try and do the work a body shop person would be better suited to do or if their in-house body shop needs better training or if they used a third-party body shop that isn’t familiar with the...
  14. Bought a money pit!

    Sounds like you know what you’re in for - enjoy your new truck!
  15. Spare tire?

    I’m not sure which one I’ll get. I’ll ask my tire shop guys what they prefer when I get the wheel, tire and sensor. I’ll also search the threads here to see what others are using. Amazon has them starting at $15 but I’m sceptical.
  16. Spare tire?

    I like this a lot - it’s the right way to do it. A bit more money, but oh well. Wheel - $250 Tire - $250 Sensor - $50 Relearn Device - $50 And I was silly enough to think I was going to buy recovery track mounting brackets for my Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform this week. Ha!
  17. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    That sucks - could it be the salt air in Miami? Either way, it still sucks. I read in a thread here that the protective cling on the B pillar can be removed and that it’s painted underneath. You can remove it if it gets too bad.
  18. Spare tire?

    Does the TPMS monitor the spare? Please don’t make me run out to the cold, cold garage and check for myself. ❄☃ EDIT: I checked, it does not and it certainly isn’t 108 F out there!
  19. Spare tire?

    Does it have a TPMS Sensor?