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  1. DeeZee damper install question

    I can’t believe how high maintenance these dang things are and folks keep installing them! Maybe there is an opportunity here for an entrepreneur to open a damper maintenance/training business.
  2. Damper Mods

    It’s great fun!
  3. Ecoboost Emblem

    I use dental floss. It also works great.
  4. Trailer Hitch Decorative Light Install Question

    When you configure the Ranger for your trailer (steering wheel buttons) I think there is an option you can choose for a trailer length of 2 feet (or something like that) and I think that might solve your problems. I think this is documented in your owners manual.
  5. Tailgate Damper

    I always knew these things were going to be a huge maintenance nightmare!
  6. Fuel in oil

    This looks really good. Being in Nevada your temperatures are warmer than members that live in the north. Do you do much in the way of short in town trips or mostly longer highway?
  7. Fuel in oil

    I checked the owners manual for the Mustang (2.3 Ecoboost) and it calls for 5W-30 but when racing they call for draining the oil and replacing with 5W-50. The Focus RS specifies 5W-50 (no distinction between racing and normal driving). It would appear our Ranger 2.3 Ecoboosts should handle...
  8. Ford part supply issues causing headaches

    And of those, the deaths are disproportionately skewed toward the elderly in assisted living facilities. Those poor souls were not working at Ford manufacturing plants.
  9. Fuel in oil

    Jim, please keep us posted on your experience with the 5W40. I have also thought about trying a heavier weight oil when I know most of my trips are going to be shorter town driving. By "making out better" I assume you mean the level on your dipstick is more stable?
  10. Fuel in oil

    Interesting. Before you added the 10 to 12 ounces was your oil level at the top of the hash marks? Assuming it was, that seems to support what I was speculating... That is, a few additional ounces of fluid (fuel or oil) makes a larger rise on the dipstick than one would expect suggesting maybe...
  11. Go Fast Camper V2

    Okay , guys, we need to prevent a medical crisis here. This really cool camper is loaded with gas lifting struts. Looks like it has 10 or more of them. When Dave (@AzScorpion) gets here he is going to claim they are dampers and work himself up into a terrible lather. Dave, everyone here is...
  12. Fuel in oil

    Jim, can you elaborate on what you did? Are you saying you added some oil (how much?) and it raised the oil (from where?) to the top hole?
  13. Fuel in oil

    I’ve been thinking about the oil level rise on the dipstick vs the oil dilution as reported from Blackstone. My last two Blackstone reports were 3.8% and 3.3%. Let’s call it 3.5%. Ford’s capacities specification says the crankcase should be filled with 6.2 quarts. That means 3.5% dilution...
  14. Chip shortage forces Ford, Toyota, Nissan, FCA to cut vehicle production

    That plug-in hybrid Bronco would be perfect for you! I'm jealous.
  15. Fuel in oil

    This is speculation on my part, but I suspect the oil dilution issues were mitigated (mostly fixed) with the dual fuel injection that was deployed on the 2.7 and 3.5 Ecoboosts. They use port injection at low speed and idle which which likely helps with the oil dilution issues.
  16. Chip shortage forces Ford, Toyota, Nissan, FCA to cut vehicle production

    You live in Arizona which is perfect for solar panels. You'll be driving that hybrid Bronco for free once it pays for itself.
  17. Chip shortage forces Ford, Toyota, Nissan, FCA to cut vehicle production

    Dave, aren't they suppose to come out with a hybrid Bronco? Maybe the best of both worlds.
  18. What has been the most useful mod you've installed? Or most useful upgrade?

    Can we please stay on topic. The OP stated “most useful" mod. ;)
  19. What has been the most useful mod you've installed? Or most useful upgrade?

    The LED nightlight that I plug into the 120V outlet on back of console. It disables the ASS. Thanks, Dave (@AzScorpion).
  20. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Automotive articles from last May timeframe say a plug-in hybrid is planned for this next generation Ranger.