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  1. Just picked up the Cactus Lariat with Black Appearance. This thing is sharp.

    Looks great! I think black appearance is the way to go with that color.
  2. Roof Top Tents! SmittyBilt?

    I'm thinking about getting one of the Smittybilt tents also, but in the XL size with either the Yakima overhaul or the RCI rack to support it. Plan on using it for myself, my wife, and two kids (2 and 4 yrs). Anyone used one of these with 4 people? I know it'll be tight, but we only camp a...
  3. Cyber Orange Ranger Spotted

    More cyber orange pictures from a memeber at B6g
  4. How ridiculous is it that you STILL can't build and price a 2021 Ranger on Ford's website in January 2021???

    I ordered mine November 7th, with a Feb 8th build date. I would guess delivery would be beginning of March by the time it makes it way out to WA pending any Covid delays. It took a few weeks after ordering to get a build date and didn't have a vin yet (but I last checked with them beginning of...
  5. Cyber Orange Ranger Spotted

    Here's a walk around of Cyber Orange. I think it looks pretty good in this video.
  6. 2021 Ranger XL Adds New STX Special Edition Package for Upgraded Tech, Wheels and Interior Finishes

    This dealer in Kentucky has a '21 with the new STX package. Another dealer has one in Black. I think thats the only color that works with the new wheels...
  7. Cyber Orange Ranger Spotted

    I agree. I think the magenetic trim FX4 would make it look much better. I don't think the black appearance does any favors for the color.
  8. 2021 Ranger Tremor Spotted

    I'll save my decision until I see one in person. I'm hoping the photos just don't do it justice.
  9. Cyber Orange Ranger Spotted

    I saw this over on Bronco6g. It's in the background, but gives you an idea. Would be nice if who ever is taking these photos could get a few for us.
  10. First Look: 2021 Ranger in Cactus Gray

    I found a window sticker for a Cactus Grey Ranger. Apparently the Ranger fender badge and Soft Vinyl console lid are now standard, but the 110 outlet is now apart of the 302A package. XLT base price increase of $110...
  11. When will we see the 2021 B&P?

    I'm guessing we won't see it until sometime in January. Not until all 2020s have departed the factory and maybe until most 2020s are sold-ish.
  12. F150 Style Headlights On a Ranger!

    I kinda dig it.
  13. 2021 Ranger Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - Base Vehicle, Packages, Options

    Finally got a glimpse of the Cyber Orange Ranger in this video. It's focused on the Bronco mostly, but you can see the Rangers in the background.
  14. how do i stop rockin like a boat?

    I put Bilstein 5100's on my 2013 F-150. It gave me a level and made night and day difference in ride quality.
  15. 2021 Ranger Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - Base Vehicle, Packages, Options

    I ordered November 7th and got a February 8th build date. For our orders not being very far apart, there's quite a variance in build dates. XLT, Crew, FX4, 302A, velocity blue. Not sure how we stack up against dealers making stock orders, but I'm sure that makes a difference too along with...
  16. When will we see the 2021 B&P?

    So, when do you think we'll see the 2021 build and price? The '21s have been rolling off the assembly line for 3 days now. I've already ordered my truck, but I still want to play with the configurator until it gets here and see the other new colors. I got mine in Velocity Blue, but really...
  17. Re-Watch the 2021 Ranger XLT Tremor SuperCrew SEMA Build Presentation Webcast

    The snorkel at least will help with splash resistance and those accidental water over the hood situations. I might add one to my truck at some point, but not top of the list. If you want to go fully underwater, there's a lot of work to do.
  18. The wait is over, and it's finally mine.

    Congrats! Truck looks great!
  19. Retro Ranger on BaT!

    I love the 80's Ranger body style and the two tone they used to come with. Crazy value that this one is going for, but rare to find one in that kind of shape. My first truck at 16 was a 1990 Ranger Lariat. Great truck. Saw more air time than your average rental car.