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  1. What travel trailer should I buy?

    J Haggerty, have you received this yet ? Maybe still waiting ?? ... Was just looking at this online and I came here to see what Ranger owners are towing and recommending. The 19 offers much more than the 17B but I want to stay as light/small as possible etc. Would love a report when you you...
  2. 2021 Ranger Tremor Spotted

    Great find, thx for posting. Good to note. Anyone who buys thinking Tremor is only a graphics pkg should be in for a pleasant surprise :p But also... I expect some dealers will order stock with the deecals - to catch attention - and seeing as many buy off the lot, yah, may be some heat gun...
  3. Winter tires- did you downsize?

    That looks really good to me. Good deal, got me thinking ...
  4. Where’s your dog?

    Here's our pup, waiting for visiting restrictions to be lifted ...
  5. Where’s your dog?

    Get well soon for buddy !! We recently had a big bill from something our little guy picked up of the ground. Fortunately he bounced back. Hopefully yours will do the same soon. 🤒.....😊
  6. What's the total payload?

    No worries ! btw, that's probably max, less any extra factory options. But still pretty decent for what you get !
  7. Engine cover

    "Ah heck, they didn't want it anyways" (you know, blame Canada :wink:) On critiquing posts you don't like: I figure you can ignore it, call it out, or walk. I've done all three, individually and sometimes all in a row. It's probably easier to stay silent or walk. The 'calling out' takes an...
  8. Sure is lonely up here eh?

    Dynamite !, thank you. My dealer is listed :) ...(sorry, for you guys :confused:)
  9. Wrenches - Metric or SAE

    Yes, if he is married... A George Carlin routine is exactly what we need today. Can you imagine how he'd play up people vs Covid ?! one Carlin line I remember: Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time.
  10. Ford November Sales...Downturns abound

    Right on, Phil. I like your style. I've also read a few positive things about the "new guy". Good luck to him and his staff. And I know what you mean about ups and downs. In my industry, my first hit was the '82 recession, the last hit, a few years back when the co. I was part of finally...
  11. Ford November Sales...Downturns abound

    Don't know much about the industry. But would say that generally the sales weren't too bad considering the pandemic effect. Staying solvent the next couple/few months is going to be a challenge for many companies. I'm pretty confident in Ford. It's the regular folks I'm concerned about.
  12. Tremor front knuckles for increased ground clearance

    Hadn't heard about the ground clearance part for the redesign - may be wheel to spindle clearance IDK. Anyway according to the brochure found on the link below the new Ranger FX4 Max coming to Australia -which is supposed to be like the NA Tremor - has a new "lock-stop profile steering knuckle"...
  13. Long range fuel tank

    Your life is the investment, or at least I thought that was the idea.
  14. What's the total payload?

    Did you find it ? this is the raptor page, right off the site. says GVM 3090. payload 766kg - lucky you guys ... on edit. I think treats the ranger raptor as a separate model from the ranger rather than a...
  15. Tutorial on how to align your Ranger at home after installing a leveling kit

    Jacob (Jt15601), great stuff, thanks for the video. I can't tell if you are joking here ??! There's a town on the Canadian prairies (where there was a lot settlement by eastern Europeans) that boasts the "world's largest pyrogie". Travelling thru I wanted to see this wonder but couldn't locate...
  16. Having a hard time ordering 2021

    1) good news ! 2) at this stage in the model run I wouldn't be concerned. More importantly, the last 9 months or so have reinforced my belief in that old maxim, "do it while you can". None of us know whats around the corner. Enjoy your new Ranger !
  17. New Canopy

    Good to know, thank you for posting, I've bookmarked them. It does look good too :thumbsup:
  18. Rat caught in cab of truck!

    Good call ! and I'm always on the lookout for rodent poop. :inspect: Pulled a dead mouse out of my pups mouth on our walk last night. Something he rooted out of a hedge. A week or so ago it was either a decomposed rat or bird, I didn't really inspect it just chucked that thing away quick fast...
  19. Wrenches - Metric or SAE

    Know what you mean. My country had an incomplete conversion to metric decades ago. Leaving bit of a dogs breakfast now. 😦 As for tools, about 10 years ago, while on a road trip, I needed a 30mm socket. Stopped in at small town auto parts store and was trying to do the imperial conversion...
  20. Having a hard time ordering 2021

    Thx, I thought that had been bumped. I'm a Tremor candidate anyway so I'm holding off ordering myself. But for the OP it shouldn't matter, folks have been ordering Broncos for months !