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  1. Speed sign recognition?

    What I would like is for the automatic cruise control to recognize speed limit signs and adjust accordingly. Can that be enabled in for forscan.
  2. Octane Question

    Hate to throw a wrench then inject some logic. With a direct injection engine all of those detergents in the fuel that are designed to keep the valves clean are never touching the valves....
  3. Headliner sagging

    The headliner in front of the dome light I can push up an inch or so. The headliner behind the dome light doesn’t move much at all when I push on it.
  4. Headliner sagging

    Going to check now
  5. Can our Ranger sound like this?

    I have found the Ford Performance Exhaust by Borla is quiet when you are driving normally, but the truck turns into a beast when you go WOT. It has a very nice growl with a cold start, but not enough to wake the neighbors. I prefer the sound of my Z06 but the Ranger, with the FP exhaust sounds...
  6. First shakedown ride

    Track only. I do have a dual sport that I sometimes ride to nearby trails. But I don’t ride the sport bikes on the road anymore. P
  7. Potential "Class Action" Incoming? (Attorney Solicitation I received on 2021/01/07)

    I’ve been a party to a few class actions. Have nothing to lose by joining in. Never know. I remember the Eotech class action lawsuit. I got to keep my eotech 512 and they sent me a check for $150. Would have never known if lawyer didn’t send advertisement to me. Also, 90% of class actions are...
  8. Potential "Class Action" Incoming? (Attorney Solicitation I received on 2021/01/07)

    As a defense attorney, I say the same thing about cops haha.
  9. Confidence "Boost"!?

    These issues are very rare. I wasn’t in the circle jerk hand holding mood to coddle and slowly rock the op and tell him that everything is going to be okay with his new truck.
  10. Confidence "Boost"!?

    Take it back now. It’s going to blow.
  11. First shakedown ride

    I do like it on this
  12. First shakedown ride

    Red and orange don’t go well together.
  13. First shakedown ride

    I like that it doesn’t have a red fx4 as that would like terrible against the orange
  14. 110 outlet use

    It’s really only good for plugging in small consumer electronics
  15. Buying a 2021 Lariat Supercrew FX4.... Good deal?

    Who cares what it is before taxes and fees. You need to be negotiating OTD price. Shoot for msrp otd or find a new dealer. I got mine from Autonation and they had to pull one from another dealer. Still gave me msrp otd.
  16. Michigan 2019 Ranger Lariat FX4

    Nice mods and beautiful truck. Best of luck!
  17. Buying a 2021 Lariat Supercrew FX4.... Good deal?

    Is that an out he door price? Msrp on a current year model out the door is a decent deal.
  18. Blue Tooth Wireless Apple Car Play

    I have rubber gloves and working gloves in mine. But my post was mostly sarcasm.
  19. Blue Tooth Wireless Apple Car Play

    Remember when you actually stored gloves in the glove box?
  20. Why does Ford not give us these?

    Unless a Ford executive frequents these forums, you won’t find your answer here.