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  1. FORScan Modifications

    TAGGED! I love this!
  2. My Truck Made It to #1!

    So I write a food blog for the old Top Gear (now Grand Tour) guys on . One of my recent articles was about building up a camp kitchen for overlanding with my Ranger and it made it to the top spot on FoodTribe's main page!
  3. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    Make them pay! LOL And for some extra satisfaction, let them know why!
  4. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    To the OP; this seems to be a common dealer tactic. I've heard of it happening before, most recently from a coworker. Long story short, same exact thing happened with a car his wife really wanted. He traded her old car on it, and a month later gets the phone call about taxes and the...
  5. Xtrusion Overland Bed Rack

    The cool thing about these rack - your imagination is the only limit to what you can modify these things for! I built this up as a part of gearing up for camp cooking!
  6. Xtrusion Overland Bed Rack

    The cool thing with this rack is you can measure how tall you want it exactly, and they'll construct it that height. Someone posted on the Xtrusion Overland Designs user group (Facebook) that they ordered one for their Tacoma that will fit over top their soft-topper. I'm looking forward to...
  7. Xtrusion Overland Bed Rack

    Yep! You can also custom order your height. 15" worked for me so I didn't play around with the height any.
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I put this camp kitchen work space together that conveniently stows away on top of my RTT's ladder, under the travel cover.
  9. Tremor rear tow hooks

    I'm wondering if the rear tow hooks are the same as the F150s. I seem to remember seeing a post on this forum somewhere where someone had posted they had mounted F150 rear tow hooks up on their Ranger.
  10. Car wash for the lazy owner

    Right! My Daniel Defense gets crappy dirty with the can on it. It's not so bad with my pistol can though.
  11. Car wash for the lazy owner

    I like it. I like shutting the door to our gun cleaning area and just concentrating on it. Unfortunately, with all we have going on at work, I don't get to go it as much as I'd like!
  12. Car wash for the lazy owner

    I like taking students' guns and getting them dirty!!!!! 🤣
  13. Car wash for the lazy owner

    I'm the same exact way about my work guns. Part of my job is firearms instruction. But I can't just clean my duty pistol. I have to detail strip and clean it any time I do that deed. It takes a lot of time, but I get it almost factory new clean! Then I don't want to shoot it. HAHAHAHA
  14. North Carolina Maxliner Floor Mats

    I'm interested. Let me look into these particular mats.
  15. Texas Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liners $75.00

    Awwwww man. I'd grab these from you but I'm in GA and it's a long drive! HAHAHA
  16. Car wash for the lazy owner

    Right! Now I have to take my truck down the street to a crew that operates a hand wash business. It costs more money. :( I can't wash my own truck! I'm too much of a perfectionist. I handle those chores on my Mustang, and it takes 12 to 13 hours. Afterwards the car is so clean, TOO CLEAN...
  17. Tactical Bed Rack and Rolling Bed Cover Compatibility

    This doesn't use the specific equipment you've mentioned wanting to use, but it accomplishes the same thing and there was no drilling into my bed rails. The best part is, the manufacturer of the rack can pretty much tailor it for your needs as far as height is concerned, and 5' and 6' bed...
  18. Just gotta say ...

    Oh @$%& you!!!!!! Now I wont be able to un-see that in my driveway! 😂
  19. Just gotta say ...

    Here's some more Ranger porn to smile at! :D