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  1. Snow/Ice rated all-season tire recommendation

    Thanks for the pictures @Sign1941. The tires are looking real nice on the stock wheels. Sounds like you are happy with them. :thumbsup:
  2. Truck "Bucks" in 4 x 4 When Turning Sharply. Is this normal?

    If you are out on a trail then it is the dirt, rocks or grass that gives way. That is different then contact between tire and pavement where they grab and bind. 4x4 is not the same thing as AWD, they are two different animals.
  3. What kind of Catch Can do you Choose?

    The Mishimoto one seems a very nice bit of kit. Leagues better than the generic brand I had on a turbo Jetta yonks ago.
  4. Terrain management upgrade?

    @Michael Crowe Have you pulled the switch out to look at it? Maybe they went sneaky and disconnected a wire or two for the TM part.
  5. Cleaning inside of windshield (Anti-Fog/Smudge)

    Was thinking about cleaning mine soon, too.
  6. Ouch! PDR on aluminum hood?

    The reason I asked about ordering a new hood from Ford is because I thought it would already be painted by Ford to match your truck. So no blend matching, tricoat needed.
  7. Ouch! PDR on aluminum hood?

    How much would ordering a new hood be? $1500 CAD sounds alot for repairing your dent. Also agree with checking junkyards.
  8. G’day from Australia!

    Greets from the other side of the planet. I would think painting over the sensors would be a bad thing. No experience on that though. Your painted Ford badge turned out real nice.
  9. Ford 3rd Quarter Sales - Ranger sales place second behind Tacoma

    Thanks Phil I was wondering when this info might be out. Good to see the Rangers are selling well. Hope it continues for a long time to come. I look at it as less of Ford losing out on a F-150 sale versus gaining a Ranger sale. They should be thankful of gaining that Ranger sale. Someone...
  10. Should I worry about hauling 1 yard of decomposed granite

    Might be wise to rent a dump style trailer if you have a hitch instead of overloading your truck bed.
  11. Who else is planning to lower their Ranger ?

    Sounds tempting. I would not mind about a 1 to 2 inch or so drop front and rear to make getting in and out of the truck easier. Equally importantly for easier bed access as well.
  12. Terrain management upgrade?

    It should work, OffroadDad. I do not believe that TM engages the locker at all. It just engages 4H or 4L depending on the TM setting.
  13. Wife borrowed truck, found it in 4H next morning, now clicking in steering going over speed bumps...

    I have not tested this but I thought our trucks defaulted to 2H when the ignition is cycled off / on.
  14. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Not quite Saber orange, but close enough for me.
  15. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Was out doing errands and found my twin. Had to stop for a picture. First time I have seen another Saber in the wild. An XLT Sport 4X4 as well. Also saw a blue Ranger Lariat in same parking lot. Hadn't come across another Ranger for a while. Good to see more about.
  16. Carrying a bicycle

    It is good to see how you all are transporting your bicycles. I plan to get one soon as well, got a 2021 one on pre-order. Hopefully it will come in within a few more weeks. A Trek Verve 'comfort hybrid' I guess it is called. Nothing super fancy, want something to ride on the side streets...
  17. 2020 Ranger!!! Waiting.........

    Congrats on your new truck. I'm sure it is the camera angle... but wow does it look like they park those trucks close! Almost looks like your truck is nearly touching the blue one in front of it.
  18. Happy Birthday Doc!

    Happy Birthday to ya! :beer:
  19. I had to wash my truck

    Wow, I saw a random youtube video on this place just the other week. They went to see the trains. Would be nice if they could be restored. :D
  20. Fun Stuff!!!

    The GUI seems to give more detailed explainations than some of the asbuilt comparer programs I have tried. I have Python already installed but my PyQT is not up to ver5 so will not run yet. I enjoy trying linux and other OS's but ugh do they make if difficult at times for newbies to install...