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  1. What did Santa Bring You For Your Ranger

    A tailgate assist damper. I'm pretty confused because I didn't even ask for one! By best guess is that it was a suggestion to my wife from my father-in-law who's F150 has a damper. I tried my hardest to stay on team no damper but the dark side has found me at home of all places! Merry Xmas...
  2. 2021 Ranger Tremor Spotted

    I don't really like the decals either, but they suit the grey much better than the blue IMO.
  3. FordPass experiences for a new guy.

    Sorry. I wasn't clear. What I meant was the device (phone, etc) needs to be connected to the internet, but the truck does not, as long as you've set up ford pass with your vehicle already. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. FordPass experiences for a new guy.

    So far I've been able to start the truck with fordpass with or without an active wifi connection. I believe it sends the command to start (or lock/unlock) either by satellite or thru a wireless cell tower. So it might not work if you or the truck are very remote and out of range of cell services.
  5. Lower screws on license plate bracket?

    Hey thanks, I forgot to mention. The tailgate contacts the top of frame when lowered. The plastic bumper has enough give to kind of move out of the way. The screws don't make contact.
  6. Lower screws on license plate bracket?

    I bought smoke bubble shields for my plates and just drilled the plastic bumper out (rear) so I could use all 4 stainless fasteners for the shield. Use a slightly smaller drill bit than the diameter of the screws you are using. If you have front plates and you're doing this operation I would...
  7. Age Groups Survey for New Ranger Owners

    I noticed this phenomenon where I live even in the past with the old gen rangers. If you drive a ranger you're either under 30 or over 60. My pet theory was that younger and older folks have less disposable income for a full-size pickup, and are less likely to have young kids to tote around...
  8. New Ranger member in Canada!

    Welcome fellow Canadian. We have identical trucks! Except mine likely has more dog hair in it!
  9. new Ranger in Toronto

    Welcome. Ex-Torontonian here, now in Kingston. Hope you enjoy your Lariat as much as I am!
  10. Exhaust Tips

    I bought the MBRP flat black tip it was $85 CAD. Looks good enough until I install an aftermarket exhaust sometime in the future. .
  11. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    I'll be in the same boat soon. Though I don't regret buying a tonneau since I needed something to lockup the bed, I realize now what I really want is a cap and roof racks to carry long material, should have realized that sooner. As for regrets, I wish I bought the XL rokbloxs instead of regulars.
  12. Rangers in SNOW

    First blast of winter here in Kingston, sorta. I was hoping we'd get more powder, but the lake is still moderating temperatures near the shore. I think areas north of the 401 are getting more accumulation. I did a few donuts in a (empty) gravel lot and had some lady take pictures of my truck as...
  13. 9 days.... it was 9 days.

    Sucks man believe me I know. Happened to me several years ago with my old ranger. My door was fine but my coworker had a hefty dent in his door. Freaking gust of wind cost me $900.
  14. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Dang. Well that sucks. I applaud your efforts though!
  15. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Curious which headlights you tried. Is it the Mustang style w/ sequential turn signal? I want those real bad but I haven't seen anyone swap them in successfully yet.
  16. Tone change with parking sensors

    Yeah when parking today the chime was totally back to normal. Just a coincidence that I experienced it within 12 hours of this thread being created.
  17. Tone change with parking sensors

    Yes, I definitely noticed my backup warning had a different tone last night! It was not the usual sound nor the usual cross traffic sound. I'll pay closer attention when I'm backing into the garage after work today. It was one of those things I noticed but sort of mentally shrugged and didn't...
  18. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Went for a nice 2 hour hike with the wife and dog at a conservation area by the lake (yesterday).
  19. Ford 3rd Quarter Sales - Ranger sales place second behind Tacoma

    Nope! I don't care for the look either. They look goofy as hell. If you want something very specific to pick on, check out the 2nd row doors. They have a cut away as if they're allowing clearance for a wheel, but the wheel is further back under the bed and nowhere near the doors. They're...
  20. Built Ford Tough

    I did this exact thing after about 3 weeks of ownership haha. Oh boy was I pissed. Screamed a four letter expletive loud enough for everyone else pumping gas to hear me. There's about a quarter-sized dent in my driver door panel now 😤. I'm hoping it can be pulled out or otherwise repaired...